KOI-255.01: Honshu Colony (Kepler-505b)

http://phl.upr.edu/projects/habitable-exoplanets-catalog/list_esi KOI-255.01: Honshu Colony[2] A planet located 881 light years away from Earth. Terraformed from 2055 to 2063. In 2063, Honshu Colony was established on KOI-255.01 and would sport a population of over 6.5 million by 2071.The Alien Encyclopedia RA: 19h 11m 25.942s Dec: +42° 32′ 33.449″ Distance from Earth 724/221 parsecs[1] Other designations Kepler-505b TERRAFORMED: 2055-2063 POPULATION: 6,500,000 as of … Continue reading KOI-255.01: Honshu Colony (Kepler-505b)

KOI-252.01: September Outpost

KOI-252.01: September Outpost[2] Among the key sites of the development of David 8 was the Weyland Cybernetics Logic Design and Research Facility on the planet HD 202206 bm. After core development had been finished, David underwent a two-trial phase in the civilian and commercial sector on Earth. This was accompanied by a heavy-duty testing program … Continue reading KOI-252.01: September Outpost

KOI-227.01: Hualien Colony

http://phl.upr.edu/projects/habitable-exoplanets-catalog/list_esi KOI-227.01: Hualien Colony[2] A planet situated 925 light years away from Earth. Terraformed from 2051 to 2059, the planet was notable for being the largest planet to undergo the process by the year 2071. KOI227.01 housed massive deposits of metals and minerals. In 2059, Hualien Colony was founded on the planet, which would boast … Continue reading KOI-227.01: Hualien Colony