KOI-255.01: Honshu Colony (Kepler-505b)


KOI-255.01: Honshu Colony[2]

A planet located 881 light years away from Earth. Terraformed from 2055 to 2063. In 2063, Honshu Colony was established on KOI-255.01 and would sport a population of over 6.5 million by 2071.

The Alien Encyclopedia

RA: 19h 11m 25.942s Dec: +42° 32′ 33.449″ Distance from Earth 724/221 parsecs[1]

Other designations Kepler-505b

TERRAFORMED: 2055-2063 POPULATION: 6,500,000 as of 2071

ESTABLISHED: 2063* INDUSTRY: light and heavy manufacturing, specializing in the production of prefabricated housings and commercial structures.

NOTES: outermost off-world Weyland Academy facility. KEY RESOURCES: titanium, holmium and methane.

A colony on the planet KOI-255.01. Established in 2063, the colony would sport a population of over 6.5 million by 2071. Notable for housing the outermost off-world Weyland Academy facility. Aside from education, Honshu Colony’s industry focused on mining. Key resources were nickel, iron, copper and manganese.

The Alien Encyclopedia


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