Raised by Wolves Analysis – Season 1 Episode 8, 9 and 10

Today we are covering episodes 6 and 7 of Raised by Wolves on HBO Max. This is a spoiler filled analysis of the series, please stop and watch the episodes before proceeding.

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Season 1

Episode 8 Mass

Director Alex Gabassi

Writer Sinead Daly

Episode Summary

Marcus’ erratic personality shifts push those closest to him away. Mother is confronted with shocking news that will change her entire existence. The Mithraic children make their own choices.

  • In classic body horror Marcus has a lucid dream where he slices his face off, presumably removing any identity left of his former beliefs or lack of as an atheist.
“I know who I am” – Marcus Drusus/Caleb

Marcus resolves to teach Paul to be a survivor much like Father did with the children. He orders Paul to stay away from Campion. Marcus confronts Paul and interrogates him, Mary sees it and tries to take Paul away to protect him from the mentally spiralling Marcus. He decides to lock up Sue to stop her from leaving.

Mother arrives at the crashed ark. Mother salvages the androids biofuel to repair herself, panting like a dog she receives biofuel from Carl a A-Plus Life technician. Following medical instruction she operates on herself discovering an embryo, she decides to feed it to stop it from hurting her. Draining all the bio fuel from the remaining androids Mother is forced to look for alternative means of survival, finding Tempest hiding within the Ark she scares her off.

Campion continues to be haunted by Tally’s ghost as he tries to escape. When Paul snuck Campion more food he also managed to pass him a communicator of sorts to hatch a plan.

Hunter notices Father tapping, so he checks what it could be. Suspecting it could be Morse code he translates it to “Sol is the light”

Mary convinces Paul to venture beyond the camp and explore, leaving Marcus behind. Marcus reminisces about the time he met Mary as a prisoner, and he helped her escape.

Paul sneaks Campion fungus so he doesn’t starve. In the second bundle he sneaks a communicator and tells him to dig his way out using the hands of the primitive beast.

In a flashback of Sue’s, Marcus and Sue are on their way to the Ark. A terrorist atheist blows themselves up, Sue feeling like she is a traitor has second thoughts. Marcus pushes her forward to continue the charade.

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Episode 9 Umbilical

Director James Hawes

Writer Aaron Guzikowski

Episode Summary

Hunter digs further into Father’s programming as the Mithraic grow increasingly concerned over Marcus’ behavior. Mother searches for a safe place, and ends up confronting Sue. Tempest confronts her demons. Marcus is left alone to meet his fate.

Episode 10 The Beginning

Director Luke Scott

Writer Aaron Guzikowski

Episode Summary

Mother, Father, Sue and the Children search for a more inhabitable place for the Mother’s baby. Paul continues to hear a voice like the one that drove Marcus insane; it reveals to him that Marcus and Sue are impostors so Paul shoots Sue. Mother finally gives birth and finds it’s not a humanoid as she hoped for but a leech-like flying snake. She is disappointed and acknowledges her pregnancy did not have anything to do with her creator’s programming but by infection. Mother and Father discover that there were humans on the planet and suspect that the creatures they have been hunting are devolved humans that were somehow introduced to Kepler-22b. A deranged Marcus kills a scouting team of Atheists as a new ship lands on the planet. Father and Mother attempt suicide with the snake-like baby to protect their human children. However, they land in the planet’s Tropical Zone; the fast-growing snake baby escapes and flies away.