KOI-268.01: June Outpost[2] A planet situated 222 light years from Earth. Terraformed from 2061 to 2069. In 2069, June Outpost was founded on the planet and would sport a population of almost 3 million by 2071. The Alien Encyclopedia RA: 19h 02m 54.912s Dec: +38° 30′ 25.080″ Distance from Earth 259.2/79.47 parsecs[1] Other designations TYC 3120-887-1, Gaia DR1 […]

JPG-973C: Tark-Weyland Station[2] A planet situated 222 light years away from Earth. Discovered in 2061, the planet turned out to be home to numerous colonies of simple bacteria, a fact which would lead to the establishment of a permanent research facility, the Tark-Weyland Station.[2] The Alien Encyclopedia RA: -h -m -s Dec: -° -′ -″ Distance from […]