KOI-314.02: Atlas City (Kepler-138 d)

KOI-314.02: Atlas City[2]

A planet located 800 light years from Earth. Terraformed from 2051 to 2059. Exhibited massive Helium-3 deposits. In 2059, a colony called Atlas City was founded on the planet and would house a population of almost 9 million by 2071.

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This planet has been confirmed by researchers trying to find extrasolar moons. Although no exo-moon was detected, they were able to confirm the planetary nature of the transit signal by using transit timing variations (TTV). These variations are due to planets pulling on each other gravitationally, therefore extending or shrinking the time between transits. There is another planet candidate in the system which has not been confirmed yet.

Exoplanet Catalogue

RA: 19h 21m 31.568s Dec: +43° 17′ 34.68″ Distance from Earth 372/114.1 parsecs[1]

Other designations Kepler-138 d, KOI-314.02, KIC 7603200 d, KIC 7603200 c, Gaia DR2 2102053446751282944 c, Kepler-138 c. [3]

TERRAFORMED: 2051-2059 POPULATION: 9,000,000 by 2071

ESTABLISHED: 2059* INDUSTRY: Light and heavy manufacturing and mining and refining.

NOTES: KEY RESOURCES: Helium-3 and niobium.

A colony on the planet KOI-314.02. Established in 2059, Atlas City would house almost 9 million colonists by the year 2071. Its industry focused on light and heavy manufacturing and mining and refining, the latter exploiting the planet’s considerable helium-3 resources. Another key resource was niobium.

The Alien Encyclopedia


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