KOI-323.08: Platte (Kepler-523)

A scanning electron microscope image shows a nematode in biofilm (blue), in its natural deep-subsurface habitat. The scale bar is 20 micrometres (μm) long. All images courtesy Gaetan Borgonie

KOI-323.08: Platte (Kepler-523)[2]

A planet situated 900 light years away from Earth. Discovered in 2062. Proper name of the planet is Platte. Became notable for its aerobic microfauna of small plant-like organisms, prompting a permanent presence of 47 researchers.

The Alien Encyclopedia

Kepler-523 is a Red star, this is determines by using the Star’s spectral type and Mass.

This planet was discovered by the NASA Kepler spacecraft and is part of the May 10th 2016 data release. Although not many details are known about this particular system yet, it has a very low probability of being a false positive.

Exoplanet Catalogue

RA: 18h 56m 14.671s Dec: +45° 30′ 24.65″ Distance from Earth 832/114,1 parsecs[1]

Other designations Kepler-523, Gaia DR2 2106821925598401152, KIC 9139084, 2MASS J18561467+4530246. [3]

TERRAFORMED: 2051-2059 POPULATION: 47 by 2071


NOTES: Aerobic microfauna of small plant-like organisms, prompting a permanent presence of 47 researchers. KEY RESOURCES: 


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