KOI-438.02: Horizon City (Kepler-155)

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KOI-438.02: Horizon City[2]

A planet located 722 light years from Earth. Terraformed from 2033 to 2041. In 2041, a colony called Horizon City was founded on the planet, which would sport a population of almost 3 million people by 2071.

The Alien Encyclopedia

Kepler-155 b has been discovered by the Kepler spacecraft in 2014 and was originally classified as a planet candidate. A new statistical analysis led by a team at NASA Ames Research Center has validated the planet with more than 99 percent confidence. Although many parameters of Kepler-155 b are still unknown, the object is highly unlikely to be a false positive.

Exoplanet Catalogue

RA: 19h 13m 58.997s Dec: +51° 04′ 55.05″ Distance from Earth 986/302 parsecs[1]

Other designations Kepler-155, Gaia DR2 2133351698066484096, KIC 12302530, 2MASS J19135899+5104550.[3]

TERRAFORMED: 2033-2041 POPULATION: 3,000,000 by 2071

ESTABLISHED: 2041* INDUSTRY: Manufacturing, mining and refining.

NOTES: major manufacturer of mining equipment and infrastructure. KEY RESOURCES: platinum, palladium, manganese and zinc.

A colony on KOI-438.02. Established in 2041 and boasting a population of almost 3 million by 2071. Horizon City became known as the major manufacturer of mining equipment and infrastructure. Besides manufacturing, the colony’s industry was focused on mining and refining. Key resources were platinum, palladium, manganese and zinc.

The Alien Encyclopedia


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