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KOI-1404: Archimedes Colony (Kepler-834)[2] A planet located 1648 light years from Earth. Housed massive lithium deposits. Terraformed from 2063 to 2069. In 2069, Archimedes Colony was established on KOI-1404.01 and would sport a population of 20,000 two years later. The Alien Encyclopedia Kepler-834 b is a super Earth exoplanet that orbits a K-type star. Its […]

KOI-1876.01: Aires Colony (Kepler-991)[2] A planet located 915 light years from Earth. Terraformed from 2061 to 2069. In 2069, Aires Colony was established, which would boast a population of 400,000 by 2071 and became a major hub for ore transportation. The Alien Encyclopedia Kepler-991 b is a Neptune-like exoplanet that orbits a K-type star. Its […]

Hi all, muthur9000 here. Yutani has been a major part of my life and I love the Alien, Scifi and Horror community so much. But things have come up in my life that is really important, so I have to re-prioritise. I am looking for a new host for Yutani, this community initiative was always […]

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson (EMPYRE: CAPTAIN AMERICA) with art by Salvador Larroca (DOCTOR DOOM), ALIEN #1 will be a thrilling addition to the incredible legacy that began with the groundbreaking 1979 film. Featuring both new and classic characters from Earth and beyond, this bold take on the Alien mythology will entertain both longtime fans and newcomers to the […]

At the Disney Investors Meeting there was a special announcement of a Alien Streaming Series to be Directed by Noah Hawley and Produced by Ridley Scott. Exclusive to FX and HULU. Fans are excited! The series is billed as being the first Alien story set on Earth, and will blend the timeless horror of the original 1979 […]

Artist Guild is proud to present Christmas Design Competition! Special call out to all artists and photographers, we will give $100 AUD prize money for the best Alien or SciFi themed Banner. Your designs will be voted on by likes on our Instagram. Submit your entry by tagging us! Ask your friends to like and […]

Thank you to everyone that has subscribed to the blog. Apologies for the inactivity, I am very busy with official and unofficial work. When I am able to share the news I will be sure to tell you all. For those subscribed to our premium content, please feel free to introduce yourself! Starting with the […]