In search of a new Host


Hi all,

muthur9000 here. Yutani has been a major part of my life and I love the Alien, Scifi and Horror community so much. But things have come up in my life that is really important, so I have to re-prioritise.

I am looking for a new host for Yutani, this community initiative was always open to whoever wanted to put in the effort. Create content, take the reins. Here’s your chance.

I am looking for a new host for the show, or co-host if you’re not confident enough yet.

Again thanks all, I won’t be gone. I will give more time to helping other content creators in 2021. And the Alien Day Giveaway will still go ahead provided we are blessed with the community spirit and generosity of our Premium Subscribers and official donators.

This is MUTHUR9000 signing off.

By studioyutani

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