Un-Masking The Lone Gunpeople with Alex White – Navigator Exclusive

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This video will be made public on the 16th of March following the worldwide release of Alien: Into Charybdis.

You can find other interviews with Alex here:

This is an exclusive round table with the beta readers and consultants to Alex White for Alien: Into Charybdis, this contains major spoilers for the stories The Cold Forge and Into Charybdis. We recommend that you first read Alien: The Cold Forge by Alex White before reading Into Charybdis so you get the full experience. Please help support your local bookstore by ordering through them!

US https://www.read-it-again.com/book/9781789095531

UK https://forbiddenplanet.com/312744-alien-into-charybdis-hardcover/

Australia https://www.readings.com.au/products/33040688/alien-into-charybdis

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