Aliens: Fireteam announced!

It’s finally here! I feel like we had been treading water and waiting for news to see if anything was happening to this game. From the multiple business ownership switches to cancellations of tie ins and what not.

Personally I think the graphics look fab for Alpha play, which means this is the first iteration and not the final product. But I think the tails on the Aliens move awkwardly, but there have been some mighty cool observations.

It looks like the Praetorian will be in game as well as working Joe’s and the Alien Queen.

Our gaming author and contributor Matt has a few things to say about the trailer and what has been released so far

When I first saw the trailer, I was wary. The last time we had a game for the action-packed Aliens side of the franchise, it was Aliens: Colonial Marines which wasn’t what I had hoped. But, then we got Alien: Isolation, and it was everything the horror fan in me wanted. It had it all – fear factor, respect for the creature, the perfect atmosphere. It made me sad that the Alien side had its perfect game but the Aliens side did not. So, here came Fireteam. The presentation was good, the Pulse Rifle sounded muted but I could still hear the familiar sound effect, yet I felt guarded, not wanting to get my hopes up too quickly. But, as the trailer sat with me more, and it’s Left 4 Dead style settled in, I’m beginning to wonder if Fireteam could be to Aliens what Isolation was for Alien. I think with the right combination of difficulty, respect for the titular monster, atmosphere, pace and action, we could finally get the Aliens game we’ve been waiting years for.

Matt a.k.a. BigChapAlien21, LV426 Discord

Images of working joes care of PAS|Spin on ALIENS FIRETEAM Discord

You can join the discord here

Here’s my timeline of monitoring the game

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