Aliens: Colonial please give me Fireteam

Join BigChapAlien21 & For a full gameplay of Aliens Colonial Marines. We discuss what ACM did right, what they did wrong and mistakes Cold Iron Studios Alien Fireteam can avoid. Plus we review the 25mins of gameplay and the Gunner & Technician Class.

Check out this video “Aliens: Colonial please give me Fireteam”

Aliens: Fireteam – Exclusive 25 Minutes of Gameplay | IGN First

Aliens: Fireteam Character Class Walkthrough (Gunner & Technician) – IGN First

We also talk about the Alien in Team Fortress. The following pictures and text were shared to me via Discord by BigChapAlien21.

This was the promotional image
The helmet, titled the “MK 50” also looks pretty good
Because of how Scout’s head is placed in the Alien costume though, it can lead to some pretty funny clipping issues like this

Thank you for watching the stream. We are looking forward to Aliens Fireteam. Make sure you check out their discord

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