Today is Alien Day 2021! With the big celebration commemorating this 42 year old franchise, new and exciting releases are en route from all star systems!

TUSKHAUS here! I’m excited to announce that my previous fan edit, the CHAOS EDITION of Alien: Covenant, is making a full return with a shiny new name, all-around improved edits, and two video qualities to choose from!

My new NINTH CIRCLE EDITION of Alien: Covenant brings back the seamless edits that could be found in the prior Chaos Edition, but it no longer contains the frame rate issue that made me pull the Chaos Edition from circulation a few years back when I was still going by CoalescedChaos.

This fan edit implements around 35 minutes of extras, deleted/alternate scenes, and marketing ads/virals into each film. It is being offered in full HD 1080p with 5.1 surround sound and can be downloaded via Google Drive and The High Quality version of Alien: Covenant (Ninth Circle Edition) comes in at a hearty 42GB. Within this version, textures and details stand out more and pixel artifacting is severely decreased, specifically in dark areas of the film. For those who care about the picture quality of what they watch, this is the version for you. However, the reasonable 15GB Lower Quality version is very capable for those who don’t want to download such a massive file, and it still contains the exact same edits and content as the high quality variant. The total runtime comes in at 2 hours and 54 minutes.

If you’ve found this blog post, but you’ve acquired the Ninth Circle Edition fan edit of Alien: Covenant from somewhere other than the Google Drive and links we’ve provided below, that file may be of lesser quality than the ones we’re offering here.


Google Drive Link: Link:


Google Drive Link: Link:


  • I added in the extended prologue where David plays the piano and tells the story of the ‘Entry of The Gods into Valhalla‘ as Weyland watches him closely. I added the date (2025) that the sequence takes place in-universe. I also color corrected bits and pieces of the alternate footage so that they’d better match the officially released footage. 
  • I inserted ‘The Crossing’ prologue sequence. I added the date (2094) that the sequence takes place in-universe. I completely cut David’s voiceover from the entire sequence as part of it is later repeated by him in the movie while talking to Walter in the garden on Planet IV. I went back in and added sound effects, like creaky ship noises, the sound of a cup being set down on a tabletop, and the sound of a glass magnifier sliding across paper. I also added in the iconic opening titles composition from Prometheus as well as sound effects from the orrery scene. The scene ends with David walking into the darkness of the Juggernaut after putting Shaw in the Engineer cryo chamber. The title screen then slowing starts to come to life.
  • Because the title screen now comes after ‘The Crossing‘ prologue, the tiny ship flying across the screen is now implied to be David and Shaw in the Juggernaut instead of the Covenant.
  • I added in a ‘Ninth Circle Edition’ subtitle card once the official title card fades.
  • I added the ’Phobos’ marketing viral. Within the original cut of this sequence while the crew of the Covenant becomes increasingly more upset during their initiation tests, there are several small flashes of the Brett from the original Alien film being killed by the Alien, as well as flashes of the Facehugger bursting forth from its egg. To keep continuity, I’ve removed/altered any scenes/sounds from the original Alien film that were spliced into the sequence since Covenant comes before Alien in the timeline.
  • I added ’The Last Supper’ prologue marketing viral. The only edits I made to this sequence were the removal of Oram and Karine calling Tennessee a jerk and commenting on how drunk Faris is. These lines of dialogue just don’t work with how caring/attentive Karine seems later in the film.
  • I added in Tennessee’s, Lope’s, Rosenthal’s, Oram’s, and Daniels’ transmissions back to Earth. These marketing virals were littered with glitched shoulder cam footage that show scenes and events that happen later in the film. Because the crew of the Covenant hasn’t experienced any of the things shown in the shoulder cam footage at the point in which they record their transmissions, I removed the shoulder cam footage all-together for continuity.
  • I cut the last few seconds of the scene after Walter removes the spoiled embryo from cold storage. He would normally walk up to one of the colonist’s cryo chambers and place his hand on the glass before MU-TH-UR alerts him of the incoming neutrino burst. I opted for this alternate scene where MU-TH-UR alerts him of the potential catastrophe while he is in the greenhouse.
  • I added the deleted/alternate scene of Walter tending to the greenhouse pods on the ship. This scene replaces the theatrical release’s way of MU-TH-UR altering David to neutrino burst. I also placed an audio easter egg throwback to the original Alien film in this sequence. Color corrections. 
  • I added the deleted flashback scene of Daniels and Jacob in their apartment back on Earth. This scene was initially supposed to happen later in the film, but I decided to intercut it with the scene of Daniels crying in her room while packing up Jacob’s clothes after his death due to the neutrino burst. I feel that if the flashback scene were kept where it was supposed to be, it would’ve felt like we were lingering too long on Daniels mourning Jacob’s death instead of moving on with the plot. Color Corrections.
  • I added the deleted scene of Oram telling Daniels to take time and “cry it out” after the team meeting. Color corrections.
  • I added the deleted scene of Walter bringing Daniels a container of joints and a lighter while she’s alone in her room. Color corrections.
  • I added the extended cut of Jacob’s funeral where Daniels talks to Walter about couples. Oram is also seen at the beginning of the scene pondering over an old photo of someone, likely his father or grandfather. Color corrections.
  • I made Daniels’ line of dialogue, “You hear that? Nothing. No birds, no animals.. nothing.” more audible as the crew of the Covenant track the unknown signal to its source on Planet 4.
  • I added the deleted scene of Ledward falling and Karine helping him up as they rush back to the drop ship. Color corrections.
  • I added the scene where Lope drops a flare into the Juggernaut hanger located in the center of the Engineer city.
  • I cut Daniels line, “There’s so much here that doesn’t make sense” and Walter’s line, “I’ll talk to him.. brother to brother” after we’re initially introduced to David once the crew enters the large stone building. Instead, I replaced the dialogue here with Daniels looking broodily at Walter. These same lines will show up later in a deleted scene that I added back in.
  • I added the deleted scene of Daniels and Walter talking about David and the Engineer city. This is the sequence in which the dialogue I cut from the previous scene makes a reappearance; “Brother to brother.”, etc.. Color corrections.
  • I made the decision to completely cut the bombing of the Engineers where it’s supposed to be in the film, as David talks to Walter about Shaw and how he loved her. Don’t worry, this scene comes back later, but at a part that I feel makes a bit more sense.
  • I added the extended/deleted scene of Rosenthal praying as she cleans up the wounds she sustained in the Neomorph attack. This sequence also contains shots of the second Neomorph stalking the halls. Color corrections.
  • I added the deleted scene of Walter talking to Daniels and Oram about David and how he’s been without scheduled maintenance for 10 years.
  • I added the deleted scene of David offering a lavender-like deodorizer to Oram to mask the smell coming from the egg room.
  • I re-added the bombing sequence into the scene after Walter finds Shaw’s body in David’s lab. Walter asks David if he deployed the pathogen upon entry into the city. Queue the bombing sequence.
  • I added in the first thirty seconds of the ‘Audi Lunar Quattro’ marketing ad/viral once MUTHUR comes back online after Tennessee is able to successfully get Daniels, Lope, and the doppelgänger David back to the Covenant.
  • I added in the deleted scene from one of the trailers of the Xenomorph jumping from wall to wall down a red-lit corridor. I added a few sound effects from Alien: Isolation to bring the Xenomorph to life.
  • I added the marketing ad/viral ‘Advent’ just after David finishes up his transmission to Weyalnd-Yutani while impersonating Walter. ‘Advent’ now leads into the end credits.
  • I changed the end credits music. I added in a brilliant Prometheus-inspired fan made track called “Origins”.


  • The full length ‘Meet Walter’ marketing ad/viral.
  • The full length ’She Won’t Go Quietly’ marketing ad/viral.
  • The full length ‘Audi Lunar Quattro’ marketing ad/viral.
  • And the full length video of Twentieth Century Fox’s collaboration with Youtube Space LA that was released through the Alien Anthology YouTube page. ‘Last Signs of Life’ depicts a Weyland-Yutani employee walking into David’s lab and examining his work. Note that this scene is likely not canon.

Thank you all for your continued support, and HAPPY ALIEN DAY 2021!

With so much love,


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