Updates 13th May 2021


Today I finished my documentation of Aliens: Defiance to bring more detail into account regarding the timeline. I took every instance of character reference and discussion and pieced together a comprehensive record of Zula’s ordeal with Weyland Yutani and their quest for pursuing the Xenomorph XX121.

Aliens: Defiance (2016)

Aliens: Resistance (2019)

Aliens: Rescue (2019)

I have also decided to unlock Aliens: Into Charybdis. Even though the novel only came out in February of this year I have yet to receive a physical copy. With the constant shipping delays brought by the pandemic, it has been very hard for booksellers to get stock and for Authors to promote book sales. I say this with a very genuine message, please go out and buy the book from your local book store. It was an absolute pleasure to consult along with my fellow Gunpeople and this story is by far my favourite in the entire Alien book series.

Alien: Into Charybdis(2021)

And after you have read the book please listen to my exclusive interview with our Alien Coven and Alex White.

Unmasking The Lone Gunpeople

Once I have entered more information into Aliens: Infiltrator by Weston Ochse I will also release it from Password Protection.

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