What’s the Story MUTHUR? #7 – Eternals review, Blade Runner: Black Lotus preview, & NEW TOPICS: Will Ridley Scott direct another Alien movie?

This week, Baker, Justin, and I discuss the much derided Eternals; the latest epic from Marvel Studios. While
I was optimistic about the film, my co-hosts were a little more mixed. Ultimately, though, we found that we enjoyed the film a lot more than other people seem to.

We also briefly talk about the upcoming Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime on Adult Swim and Crunchyroll. We look forward to seeing the show when it premieres next week.

Finally, we introduced a new section for the show today that we’re calling “topics.” Basically, we were concerned that the show was getting away from talking about Alien. So we’ve committed to new weekly segments that address a question or topic of discussion within the Alien franchise. This week, we talked about whether or not Ridley will get to direct another film in the Alien franchise. Hear our conclusions on the show tonight at 5:00 (EST)!