What’s the Story MUTHUR? #8 – Ridley scott said WHAT?!, Prey-dator, Blade Runner: Black Lotus review, A look into the subliminal imagery of Alien: Isolation, ranking the Aliens!

This week we did our longest and most fun video yet! Baker introduced a new topic (now with 100% more video!) where we discuss and rank the various creatures in the Alien Universe according to their impact upon us, the viewer, and broader popular culture. Will you agree with our ranking? Watch the show and find out!

Before that, we discuss the latest Ridley Scott screed, this time against Marvel and superhero films, the upcoming Predator prequel, Prey, and review the first episode of Blade Runner: Black Lotus. We’re optimistic about Prey but found Black Lotus to be a bit of a dud. Justin also brings up a video discussing the subliminal imagery of Alien: Isolation, further illustrating the game’s brilliant design and artistry.