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This blog is dedicated to the inter-textual analysis of Alien Films and other shared interests of the contributors which revolve around Science Fiction, Technology, Robotics and AI. Our subreddit r/LV223 is the home of scifi, technology and popculture.

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The Founder and Director and Producer at Yutani.

Studio Director, at a co-working artist space. Jeweller. Fashion Designer. Geek. Interested in AI, Robotics and the inter-textual analysis of Alien movies. A stickler for canon. You can call me MUTHUR.

  • Consultant – Aliens Phalanx
  • Cover Artist for Seven Wild Dogs by Alex White
  • Captions contributor in The Alien Diaries of Bob Penn
  • Lila – Alien Outland by Perfect Organism Podcast
  • Stellar Cartographer – Alien RPG Stellar Map
  • Voice of MUTHUR – Unofficial Alien Animated Series by Project Acheron

Mike is the Administrator at Studio Yutani.
“I cannot get enough of the Alien series in any form but I cede the title of my favorite film to Blade Runner and its incredible sequel. Science Fiction interests me greatly and I would enjoy having my own Walter around to discuss philosophy and go on adventures with. I’m a student of history and working towards a teaching certificate to teach in the United States and abroad about humans and their collective experiences.”


Connor Coulson is Administrator at Studio Yutani. Host of Prometheus-by-Minute, a podcast analysing the film Prometheus one minute per episode, as well as the sequel Covenant Minute.

“I have had a lifelong fascination with robotics and AI, and examining the real-world practical and philosophical implications of technology as presented in science fiction.

The Art of Connor Coulson | Alien Prequels by Minute


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