Part of the hidden symbolism in Prometheus is made clear in the summary of Peter Weyland’s parents.

Sir Peter Weyland was born in Mumbai, India at the turn of the millennium. The progeny of two brilliant parents (his mother, an Oxford-educated Professor of Comparative Mythology and his father, a self-taught software engineer) it was clear from an early age that Sir Peter’s capabilities would only be eclipsed by his ambition to realize them.

About Us, Sir Peter Weyland

It’s not surprising in a movie about the relationship between creators (parents) and the created (children) there are deep allegorical ties to human history. Namely mythology.

In each and every one of these myths there is a tie to a character, or a name, or a theme or a piece of art. Exploring the cycle of creation, death and rebirth these myths have become embedded in the Alien Universe just as much as they are in our history.

Flood Myth

Green Stone Myths