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Shortly after WonderCon, Mashable and Verizon Fios TV debuted a highly stylized product video for the David 8, directed by RSA’s own Johnny Hardstaff and starring Michael Fassbender. The video garnered 10 million views on YouTube and tens of millions more elsewhere on the web. Introducing viewers for the first time to the incredibly humanlike robot of David, who plays a critical role in the film.

The Project Prometheus Training Center launched online and allowed viewers to test their physical and mental abilities to discover their fitness to join the space crew. Simultaneously, we launched a guerrilla marketing campaign on LinkedIn, using their native InMail to reach out to influencers with prospective jobs at Project Prometheus.

Happy Birthday, David Directed by Johnny Hardstaff, RSA Films

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David 8 Advertising Campaign, Source: http://davidmarklee.com/films/david-8

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