Aliens: Defiance (2016)

Writer: Brian Wood
Artists: Tristan Jones, Stephen Thompson, Tony Brescini, Riccardo Burchielli, Eduardo Francisco
Colourist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Massimo Carnevale
Publication Date: Issue 1 April 2016, HC October 30, 2019

ISBN-10: 1-50671-458-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-50671-458-5


An AWOL Colonial Marine battles aliens and her fears in the deepest corners of space to protect humanity from the Xenomorph threat.

Colonial Marine Private First Class Zula Hendricks is in for the fight of her life.  After a frightening discovery in deep space, Zula goes on an AWOL mission to undermine the nefarious Weyland-Yutani Synthetics Corporation. Battling for her life against aliens, space pirates, and her very own painful demons, Zula must prove that her own strength and loyalty are enough to save humanity.





USS Europa (Seegson)

Zeta Doradus
LV-44-40 Refuling Station
– Ships fuel is Liquid Hydrogen

Spirow-Dakota Military Hospital


Private First Class Zula M Hendricks
USMC0408598 Q P08
5ft tall
0.8 Earth’s gravity is less harsh on Zula’s spine(pg 111)

Davis One- Combat Synthetic
Davis had to redesign a code workaround to even access the block of programming as well as a few bypasses so he didn’t trip the self destruct fail-safe. (pg 65) Davis self hacked himself, he is an anomaly, unique. Imperfect. (pg 67) Synthetic systems are programmed to alert the CPU to damage and suggest corrective behaviour or withdraw from battle. (pg 98) Davis is property of Weyland Yutani (pg 85)
Common slurs used against Davis is Drone, Plastic by Zula before she really knew him. Davis strives to better himself, writes his way to becoming more human.

Dr Emi Yang

Dr Hollis

121 Humans Dead

3 Aliens Dead

Amanda Ripley

Sergeant Restrepo

Staff Sergeant Victoria Rios

General Mazza



Weyland Yutani


Reconstructive Nanotherapy -Nanites used in Walter in Alien: Covenant?

Exoskeleton on Legs

Shock Brace – Designed for trauma stabilization

Sono-plate – Sonograph plate wearable tech can image a Alien foetus developing.

Hypobaric Chamber around recovery bed – *Zula suggests to Dr. Yang to create a hyperbaric chamber in one of the stasis beds as treatment. (pg 110)


NEARFIELD – Weyland Yutani designed ‘NEARFIELD’ a local area network protocol for its security synthetics, interconnecting them and sharing data over short distances when on deployment. H.Q. can direct it over long distances. (pg 60)

Easter Eggs

  • Xenomorph pulls out the android head and vertebrae, David dies from an attack from the Engineer in Prometheus.
  • Patch on Davis Right shoulder is from Ron Cobb Alien Nostromo Patch Concept Art
  • Weyland Corp Sticker Logo pg 64
  • Davis has the similar injury to Call in Alien Resurrection Issue 4 page 2


U.S.C.M Founded

Commercial Maritime Treaty
A standardization of emergency access codes.

Zula Hendricks Born *Used Jimmy Hendrix Birthday and Month
(November 27, 2115)

(November 27, 2133)
At 18 years of age Zula steals a firearm from a Colonial Marine, he offers to enlist her instead of shooting her or putting her in jail.

Bootcamp *Unnamed General addresses Zula and her injuries mentioning years of training.
(February 26, 2135) *additional time added as 13 weeks basic training before deployment as standard with the US Marine Corps.

Explosion – Episode 4# Flashback
(March 12, 2135) *Deployed as soon as 4 months after boot camp, assuming there is about 2 weeks travel time between barracks and warzone.
Zula becomes injured after being deployed in battle.

*Continuity error, a pulse rifle is pictured being used but is not used widely until 2171 – The M41A Pulse Rifle enters active service with USCM – Aliens: Bug Hunt – Episode 22.
*2039 (March 2) – Patent 13,345,075 is granted for an add-on feature of the Weyland Storm Rifle, that compensates for composition, density, pressure and refractive index of any atmosphere.

Treatment – Episode 4# Flashback
(March 26, 2135) *assuming 2 week travel time back to Tranquility for treatment and recovery.
Zula is medvac back to Tranquility Medical Centre, Luna.

Dr Hollis arrives at Wright Aberra Fuel Depot – Issue 5#
(October 14, 2137) *Dr Hollis says she arrived a few months ago

Zula’s last treatment – Episode 1# Flashback
(November 14, 2137) *Zula states she had her last treatment 27 Days ago.
Physical therapy, mobility and strength training, microsurgery and nanosteroid injections.

Refugees arrive at Wright-Aberra Fuel Depot – Issue 5#
(November 23rd, 2137) *Dr Hollis mentions the refugees arrived 3 weeks earlier.
Refugees from a conflict zone arrive, some carrying the Alien and common areas and ships berth. 3 Ships manage to leave.

During Zula’s recovery she shadowed Ripley while she did repairs on Luna.

(December 11, 2137)
Amanda arrives at Sevastopol

Derelict – Episode #1
(December 17, 2137 Time to Target 5 Minutes)

*Predict the data download mission should take 2 hours to do then travel return home.

Colonial Marines aren’t trained for this . . .
Battling demons from her past while fighting for her life, Colonial Marine Private First Class Zula Hendricks, in the company of Weyland-Yutani synthetics, is forced to question her strength and loyalty when the discovery of an insidious alien species on a derelict hauler sends her on a dangerous journey across the stars.

Zula Hendricks is sent to a Seegson mass haulier adrift with a full accompaniment of Weyland Yutani drones.

*Seegson commercial space is no where near Luna

Slingshot – Issue #1
(December 14, 2137)

Zula awakens from sleep 27 days after encountering the Seegson derelict Europa just near Zeta Doradus(38ly from Sol, 9.7ly from Zeta Reticuli), Davis says that Sevastopol is located at the Reticulum. And he has broken free of his behavioural inhibitors and stolen data relating to the Alien Organism and Special Order 937.

Kinetic – Episode #2
(December 14, 2137)

Colonial Marine Hendricks and the Weyland-Yutani synthetic Davis break protocol, navigating the Europa to a distant science station discovered in the once-derelict ship’s data records—a station that recently went dark. Following the trail of the alien species, they dive deeper into a conspiracy, uncovering just how much is riding on their choices.

Arrival at LV-44-40, Xenomorph bodies found on the station has been dead for weeks.
Downloading data, estimate time 20mins
Ship is blown up with dynamite before leaving.

*Weyland perfected a new process that rapidly regenerates necrotic tissue, in other words, they have the technology to clone the Alien. (pg 140)

Mutiny – Episode #3
(December 14, 2137)

Mutiny aboard the Europa. After accessing a Weyland-Yutani network buoy which reprograms their directives, several Davis synthetics seek to take down the mysterious Davis 01 unit and take the ship back to Earth. Colonial Marine Zula Hendricks and Davis 01 must survive an organized tactical assault in deep space.

Message sent to Weyland Yutani HQ

Casualties – Episode #4
(December 14, 2137)

Colonial Marine Private Zula Hendricks is AWOL deep in space along with the combat synthetic Davis 01, chasing the trail of the xenomorph threat. But in the eerie quiet of a space graveyard the ghosts of her past are catching up with her, and Weyland-Yutani isn’t far behind.

Amanda leaves roughly in a week from Luna to head to Sevastopol around LV426 where her Mom disappeared, this is a discrepancy with the animated series which states the 11th of December

Message received late – Sent December 11, 2137, Amanda heads to Sevastopol station via the Torrens searching for her Mom.
Staff Sergeant Victoria Rios tells Zula a hearing is scheduled for morning September 9th for Zula, suspended leave without pay.
Dr Emi Yang says Zula may be completely recovered by Christmas.

Siege – Episode #5
(December 14, 2137)

Zula Hendricks and Davis are about to take on the xenomorph threat as well as a squad of hardened Colonial Marines intent on capturing a specimen in a large midspace fueling station. How far is Zula willing to go to stop her fellow combatants?

Zula and Davis find Dr Hollis in the fuel tank of the derelict station Wright-Aberra Fuel Depot.
She reveals that a colonial Marines frigate arrived at the same time Zula and Davis did.
Running the oxygen generator at overload for an hour and igniting 1 million+ tonne of fuel destroying the fuel depot and station.

Extravehicular *Free Comic Book Day: Serenity, published as a short story.
(May 17, 2138)

Follow Colonial Marine Private First Class Zula Hendricks, Dr. Hollis and the Davis synthetics as they deal with Xenomorphs on the Europa during an uncontrolled reentry to planetoid W76. This story takes place in May of 2138, six months after AliensDefiance, Episode One: Derelict.

Aliens: Defiance – Extravehicular | Xenopedia | Fandom

Uncontrolled descent to W76

Incubation – Episode #6

When Zula and Davis’s plan to deny the Colonial Marines a xenomorph sample hits a snag, their only remaining course of action may be something they can never come back from.

Excision – Episode #7
(June 17, 2138)

In the aftermath of the intense battle against the Colonial Marines, Zula Hendricks and Davis have gone from being merely AWOL to full-blown traitors. As they drift into a quiet part of space to recover and regroup, new crew member Dr. Hollis discovers something in the medical bay that changes everything. Sometimes evil comes from within.

Dr Hollis performs a self-abortion, removing the queen and sleeps for 2 days.

Environmental – Episode #8
(June 19, 2138)

Keeping a baby xenomorph alive, even in a frozen state, contradicts all the survival instincts that Zula and Hollis have. But by studying the alien in cryostasis, Davis believes he can discover how to exterminate it and the rest of its forsaken, vile race permanently. Is he dooming the mission in the name of science?

Invasion – Episode #9
(June 20, 2138)

A fledgling alien, kept alive in a deep freeze for the purpose of learning its weaknesses, wages a psychological war on Zula, Davis, and Hollis. They try to keep it together, but an attack on the Europa by space pirates forces the trio to weaponize what they seek to destroy.

Intrasolar – Episode #10
(June 20, 2138 )

An attack on the Europa by space pirates leaves Zula, Davis, and Hollis on a barely functional ship. They now must return to Earth, where the Weyland-Yutani corporation is waiting and ready to put an end to their rogue mission.

Splashdown – Episode #11

The mangled Europa is in a state of free fall in Earth’s atmosphere with Zula, Davis, Hollis, and a previously frozen xenomorph onboard. Davis battles the alien threat while Hollis and Zula scramble to the escape hatch. Impact is unavoidable; survival is doubtful.

*Crashing the derelict into the ocean both Dr.Hollis and Zula Hendricks are taken in by Weyland Yutani to the Spirow-Dakota Military Hospital

Reentry – Episode #12

After her return to Earth, Zula Hendricks fully expects to answer for her defiance. But instead of military tribunals, what she experiences is a chilling look into the future of warfare, courtesy of Weyland-Yutani’s R&D labs. Her mission may not be over just yet.

*Zula is 23yrs old (pg 143)


  • Some information and calculations provided by Brad Suedbeck, a fellow gunperson and consultant.
  • Some information provided by Kasey Kieta, dedicated fellow Alien Nerd and 3d artist