Aliens: Infiltrator by Weston Ochse (2021)

About Weston Ochse

Weston Ochse is the author of more than twenty five books, most recently the SEAL Team 666 books, which the New York Post called ‘required reading’ and USA Today placed on their ‘New and Notable Lists,’ and his military sci fi novel Grunt Life. His first novel, Scarecrow Gods, won the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in First Novel and his short fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His work as appeared in comic books, and magazines such as Cemetery Dance and Soldier of Fortune.

His work has been lauded by Joe R. Lansdale, Peter Straub, Kevin J. Anderson, John Skipp, Brian Keene, Jonathan Maberry, David Gerrold, William C. Dietz, Tim Lebbon, and many more, including the New York Times, New York Post, The Atlantic, Washington Post, Denver Post, The Financial Times of London, and The Examiner (UK).

His last name is pronounced “oaks.” Together with his first name, it sounds like a stately trailer park. He lives in the Arizona desert within rock throwing distance of Mexico. For fun, he races tarantula wasps and watches the black helicopters dance along the horizon. He is a military veteran with 30 years of military service and recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan. He’s travelled the world, has been to more than 50 countries, and blogs at Living Dangerously. You can google him under ‘Literary Stuntman,’ ‘Superhero for Rent,’ or ‘Yakuza of the Written Word.”


The official prequel to the huge new Alien video game from Cold Iron Studios, as a Weyland-Yutani scientist arrives at Pala Station and finds the researchers there courting disaster…of the Xenomorph kind.

Dr. Timothy Hoenikker arrives on Pala Station, a Weyland-Yutani facility. Lured there by the promise of alien artifacts, instead he finds a warped bureaucracy and staff of misfits testing the effects of Xenomorph bio-materials on living creatures. Unbeknownst to the personnel, however, there is an infiltrator among them whose actions could spell disaster. Also on staff is Victor Rawlings, a former marine who gathers together other veterans to prepare for the worst. As the personnel receive a delivery of alien eggs, the experiments spin out of control, and only the former Colonial Marines can stand between the humans and certain death.

Alien: Infiltrator TM & © 2019 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.


Setting: Pala Station – Weyland-Yutani facility
The station was out on the edge of the known systems pg8
jungle planet LV-895 pg8

Staff Section 1—or S1—was Manpower

  • S2 Security
  • S3 Engineering
  • S4 Logistics
  • S5 Med Lab
  • S6 Communications
  • S7 Fabrications

LV-832 – Settlement, creatures attacking the settlement were Carnivorous moose-sized creatures with tentacles,

LV-223 – Weyland-Yutani distribution planet that doubled as an intergalactic trash
dump[pg26], also Engineer Installations on planet where the events of Prometheus took place.

San Lorenzo towed Katanga Refinery

Merchant Ship, Hauling Ore. Magnesium and Cesium, 16 in Cryo(A lie)


Main Characters

Dr. Timothy Hoenikker

Victor Rawlings – reception tech and a former marine, arthritis in left hand, right hand prosthetic.

  • Has three pulse rifles and five thousand rounds of ammo.
  • Sent to a mining colony on LV??? (same one from Alien: Ore Short?)
  • 42 years old

Steve Fairbanks – Logistics Specialist
Probably just short of thirty years old, he
was average height and had black hair cut close to his bullet-shaped head. His nose was too thin for a flat face, but that wasn’t his fault.
Hyperdyne Infiltrator Agent,

Layard – Sir Austen Henry Layard GCB PC was an English traveller, archaeologist, cuneiformist, art historian, draughtsman, collector, politician and diplomat.

Carter – Howard Carter was an English archaeologist and Egyptologist. After discovering the intact tomb of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh Tutankhamun in November 1922, he became world-famous, the best-preserved pharaonic tomb ever found in the Valley of the Kings.

Jones – Vendyl Miller Jones was an American Noahide scholar who directed archaeological searches for biblical artifacts such as the Ark of the Covenant.

Leakey – Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey was a British paleoanthropologist and archaeologist whose work was important in demonstrating that humans evolved in Africa, particularly through Olduvai Gorge’s discoveries with his wife, fellow paleontologist Mary Leakey.

Evans – Sir Arthur John Evans FRS FBA FREng was a British archaeologist and pioneer in the study of Aegean civilization in the Bronze Age. He is most famous for unearthing the palace of Knossos on the Greek island of Crete.

Schliemann – Heinrich Schliemann was a German businessman and a pioneer in the field of archaeology. He was an advocate of the historicity of places mentioned in Homer’s works and an archaeological excavator of Hisarlik, now presumed to be the site of Troy, along with the Mycenaean sites Mycenae and Tiryns.

Navarro – archaeologist, also a homage to Weston’s partner Yvonne Navarro who also wrote Aliens: Music of the Spears and Reclamation in Aliens: Bug Hunt.

Stokes – Colonial Marine, Scientist

Chief Wincotts – Special Security Chief

Mansfield – Director.

Dr. Erin Kash – epidemiologist, trauma surgeon, The Angel of Death

Dr Étienne Lacroix – Biologist,

Dr Melbourne Matthews – Chemical Engineer, Muttering Mel.

Dr. Deneen – Scientist, minored in Old Earth history.

Dr. Mark Cruz – Xenobiologist, assigned for settlement protection on LV-832

  • Encountered Xenomorphs on his third deployment
  • developed acid-resistant armour
  • Has body armour, a pulse rifle, and a flamethrower

? lieutenant – died, from flashback pg 29

Snyder – hurled into the air

Erica – Snyder’s Girlfriend, can drink a lot due to substance that turns alcohol into sugar

Foxie – Old Buddy of Bone’s

Schnexnader – right arm bitten off

Correia – explodes from repeated blunt force trauma



Sgt. Bone – died in a shuttle explosion due to a faulty fuel wire

Dr. Mark Prior – Xenobiologist.

Nicoli – Personnel Management


Cynthia Rodriguez – Security Chief

Randy Flowers – Deputy Security Chief, present when Rawlings lost his hand.

Sec Specialist Reyes

Robb King – Head of Fabrications

Tom Ching – Fabrications Specialist

Brian Mantle – Fabrications Specialist

Vivian Oshita – Comms Chief

Buggy – Ex-Marine, HQ Workstation

Brennan – Comms Specialist [pg76]

Davis – Comms Specialist

Tacker – Security Specialist

Howard – Security Specialist

Buggy – Logistics

Fields – Logistics

Chase – Logistics

  • Pulse Rifile and hardly any ammo

McGann – Engineering,

  • Has two pistols

Crowther – Station Chief.

Vincent Bellows – Station Chief

Thompson – Deputy Station Chief.

Log Specialist 1#

Log Specialist 2#

Dr Erikson

Edmonds – Casualty Operations Specialist

Flores – Security Specialist

Dudt – Security Specialist

M. Russell – Murderer, Test Subject #3

M. Trakes – 2 daughters, one ill.

Test Subject #1 – Elderly African Lady

Test Subject #2 – Morose overweight man in 40s

Test Subject #11

Webb – Engineering

Maintenance worker 1#

Maintenance worker 2# – Long black hair

Man pinned to ground

Fredricks – Security Guard 1#

Mahmood – Security Guard 2#

Barron – Security Guard 3# –

Fabrications Tech

Francis – Security Tech

Hardon – Security Tech

Susan McCuneMedium build. Mousy brown hair. Brown eyes. A face that had probably been pretty when she was younger, but had fallen victim to middle age. She wore a blue jumpsuit. Prisoner

Ernest Withers – Co-pilot


Leon 895 – xenomorph variant crossed with terrestrial alien from LV895

Fairbanks Monster – human contaminated with the pathogen

MPDT – Micro-personal data tracker,

Egg Crate – 3ft x 3ft x 3ft

M577 – Armoured Personell Carrier

Pulse Rifle

Acid Resistant Body Armour

Flame Thrower

RE700 20mm Gatling cannons – Styled after the M61 Vulcan

Fentanyl Lollipops – Fentanyl, also spelled fentanil, is an opioid used as a pain medication.


(JANUARY 12, 2202)
Dr. Timothy Hoenikker arrives at Pala Station. The station quickly falls into ruin as a spy infiltrates the lab.


  • The pathogen allows the rat to survive temperatures ninety below zero, maybe more, without cellular deterioration

Easter Eggs

  • “Don’t touch anything,” one of the scientists warned. – Shaw said this to the others when entering the pyramid in Prometheus
  • Hoenikker uses a fire extinguisher to terminate an android worker in the lab, it is a callback to Alien when Parker uses a fire extinguisher to take out Ash. Page 231
  • Moving from the maintenance closet to Engineering had been a walk in the park for him.
    Reference to Parker and his line in Alien It’s going to be a walk in the park

Continuity issues and fixes

  • Page 26 – “Most of the residents of LV-223 were destined to search the dump for rare metals or, if they were lucky enough, get a job hauling product into awaiting containers bound for out-system LVs.”
    Change LV223 to LV233, the reason why is because in Prometheus the planet is LV223 and as far as I know Shaw had transmitted to the company that “there is only death here”
    As of 2094 LV223 is infected with the pathogen and has 5 Engineer Pyramids on it that are visible from the atmosphere, it isn’t possible for the place to be inhabited unless terraforming is conducted.
    To suggest there is a colony on LV223 and that it is now used as a dumping ground would change everything Prometheus established as the Engineers bioweapons development planet.