This was the first ideal world discovered by Humanity, and it made the coalition of Corporations which found it extremely rich. This coalition solidified into a mega-Corporation in the years which followed, and now calls itself New Eden/JV. New Eden/JV has a strange Corporate structure that is like a smaller version of the ICC, with […]

Atol is a water world with a heavy atmosphere and continuous rain. The water is acidic and contains no life, and the planet has no stable land mass above sea level. There is a large moon, however, which combines with the system’s sun to create huge tides that sweep the planet. It is impossible to […]

This small outpost has two enclosed communities of about 20,000 people each. It is primarily a service port for shipping to and from New Eden. Mos of its business has been taken from it by the facilities on Honeycomb, and Exeter is rapidly declining in wealth and importance. Within a few years, only a few […]

Helix has a Service Base and is the focus of a fleet of small exploration craft which are investigating the vast asteroid belt of the Helix system. These craft are owned by several different Corporations and independents, have crews of 3 to 8 people, and go on extended missions of up to 2 years deep […]

The atmosphere of this world is toxic and bitterly cold, so this colony of 250,000 was built underground. Vast caverns lie just under the surface, and several large communities have been set up in them. They are fairly close together, and are linked by an efficient monorail system. Honeycomb is rapidly growing, as a result […]

This outpost consists of a Research Station on a moon which orbits a gas giant at the edge of the system. There are only 30 permanent residents at the facility. A Service Base with a crew of 1,000 orbits the planet, and attends to the traffic through the system, but there is little contact between […]

This is a marginally habitable world that could yield great wealth after successful terraforming. Several years ago, there was an accident at an Atmosphere Processor here; an immense explosion caused a major radiation release, and the mid-sized Colony was almost entirely destroyed. There was a tremendous loss of life and wealth, and literally thousands of […]

Grendel is a large colony of over 200,000 people, who live in hundreds of small domed cities. There is substantial light industry, and the world has a major stopping point for travel among Micor, New Eden, Weyland-Yutani, and Hilo. Much of the traffic was lost to the New Chicago – Lobo route, but Grendel still […]

This Sector was the first to yield an Earthlike world, the planet of New Eden itself. Exploration was handled by a coalition which renamed itself New Eden/JV after the world which made it rich. This Sector comparatively stable, compared to the strife of the CSC Sector and the danger and uncertainty of the Borodino Sector. […]

This colony is the dumping site for people removed from Hilo during the Colonial rebellions. These are people who were considered to be security risks, but who could not be convicted of serious crimes. All sorts have been sent here; petty criminals, relatives of rebels, free-thinkers and rabble rousers, intellectuals, and those who were simply […]