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Originally posted on Banjo's House Rules:
I’m not a particular fan of the movies “Prometheus” and “Covenant”, at least as parts of the Alien franchise/universe, mostly due to their handling of the Xenomorph itself and how the technology seen seems to be more advanced than that seen in “Alien” (which is set *after* those…

Currently details have not been released about the Cold Iron Studios Alien Game Around two years ago, it was announced that Cold Iron Studios were working on an Alien game. However, when Disney bought Fox and most of its assets, it set development back several months. Insider information: The timeline is set several years after […]

Bradley from Aliens Gateway Station and I interview Gabriel Hardman about his comic Aliens: Dust to Dust. You can join Aliens Gateway Station here on Facebook You can See more of Gabriel’s work here and follow him on Twitter Gabriel worked on movies such as Austin Powers Interstellar His inspiration