Oh wise one, I must know; what are your favorite Xenomorph/Yajuta designs that never made it into any of their respective films? And what are designs you feel are underrated in those franchises and others? trulyunpleasant For alien i’d say the alternate fifield was a terrible decision to remove by scott. We could’ve had this bulbous […]

-HIGH CLASSICAL- British mind/American heart/Swiss cock -EXPANSIVE BAROQUE- new masters expand the mythology. great success with a new vision that respects the old guard -GOTHIC- the apprentices take control (ADI). schism with the swiss forerunner. Several alterations to the beast but all around a worthy continuation. -LATE GOTHIC/FRANKISH- beginning of decline. talent still visible but […]

if darkhorse hired you to make an alien/predator comic what would it be about? Anonymous id go bananas  turn the engineers into space black magicians/mad scientists summoning primordial daemon xenos from the black pathogen. the black goo would essentially be the engineers attempt to weaponize lovecraftian biomechanoid old ones. it gave them great genetic power […]