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Advertisements Titan Books Alien: Colony War by David Barnett Apr 12, 2022 You can follow him on Alien: Inferno’s Fall Written by Philippa Ballantine, Story by Clara Carija and Philippa Ballantine Jul 26, 2022 You can follow her on MARVEL Alien #7 written by Philip Kennedy Johnson and art by Salvador Larocca September… Continue reading Coming Soon

Prometheus Translated – Premium Content

Advertisements Dear blog followers, I have decided to migrate the Prometheus Translation to the premium blog subscription of $1 This will give you access to the raw translation of Prometheus Japanese Novelisation. All original backers have a copy of the PDF but this premium blog subscription access is to make it easier for those wanting… Continue reading Prometheus Translated – Premium Content

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Cavity Colours Unleashes a new official Alien + Aliens Collection!

Advertisements Via cavity colours on twitter In space, no one can hear your scream. 👽 This Wednesday at 5 PM EST, we’re unleashing our highly anticipated ALIEN + ALIENS officially licensed double-feature collection! ✨ Prepare the crew for brand new classic ALIEN tees, CHESTBURSTER “acid blood” tie dyes + white tees, ALIENS tees and long… Continue reading Cavity Colours Unleashes a new official Alien + Aliens Collection!

Updates 13th May 2021

Advertisements Today I finished my documentation of Aliens: Defiance to bring more detail into account regarding the timeline. I took every instance of character reference and discussion and pieced together a comprehensive record of Zula’s ordeal with Weyland Yutani and their quest for pursuing the Xenomorph XX121. Aliens: Defiance (2016) Aliens: Resistance (2019) Aliens: Rescue… Continue reading Updates 13th May 2021

Yutani Alien Day Giveaway 2021

Advertisements We have 10 Prizes up for grabs, enter now to win. Final draw is on Mother’s Day 9th of May in Australia. (some prizes are restricted to US residents only due to shipping constraints) Help us grow the Hive, follow us and subscribe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!THE COMPETITION HAS ENDED, WINNERS TO BE… Continue reading Yutani Alien Day Giveaway 2021