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Make sure you head to for Prometheus by Minute In which MUTHUR of Studio Yutani and I discuss the hammerpede scene in as much detail as humanly possible, and the alternate ways this scene could have been written. Also I showcase my Predator impression.FootnotesJovanovic, D. (2012). prometheus and god. Retrieved from (2017, May 15). StarBeast — Aliens […]

Make sure you head to for Episode 63 In which I am joined again by MUTHUR, AKA Clara of Studio Yutani to discuss the beginnings of the most infamous scene of the film.FootnotesAdvanced SE Suit. (n.d.). Retrieved from concept art. (n.d.). Retrieved from Prometheus-by-Minute, Episode 63

In which I discuss Janek and Vickers, and unnecessary scientific nitpicking.FootnotesNeil DeGrasse Tyson Calls Out Prometheus For Its Sketchy Science. (2019, March 28). Retrieved from Prometheus-by-Minute 61

In which I discuss religion, science and philosophy.FootnotesCarl Sagan – “We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself”. (2016, May 6). Retrieved from Science and Religion with Richard Dawkins. (2015, July 26). Retrieved from Extra deleted scene 05 720p. (2013, October 15). Retrieved from, A. (2018, May 24). How can a scientist believe in […]