GLIESE 667 CC: Morrison Outpost

WEYLAND MEGACORP ARCHIVES MARS: GLIESE 667 CC: Morrison Outpost[1] TERRAFORMED: 2033 - 2042 POPULATION: 2,300,000 ESTABLISHED: 2043* INDUSTRY: Mining, Refining.    NOTES: The colony was named after Captain Susan Morrison, whos deep space exploration vessel was lost in the Gliese system. KEY RESOURCES: Uranium[2], Zinc[3], Nickel[4].     On 19 October 2009, the team who …

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Thus Sprach Zarathustra and Prometheus/TED 2023 Thus Sprach Zarathustra is a tone poem by Richard StraussAlso known as Op. 30 was composed in 1896 and inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophical novel of the same name. In 2001: A Space Odyssey the same tune is used for some of the most arresting scenes. In Prometheus Sir Peter Weyland murmurs the words …

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Prometheus-by-Minute 48

In which @traviandesigns is joined once again by Phil from the Matrix Minute to discuss visions of the Alien franchise, from the perspectives of Ridley Scott, Dan O’Bannon, Neil Blomkamp and the fandom. We also debate the values between innovation vs familiarity. Footnotes *Correction: We should have been saying “mummified”, not “fossilised! Where to find …

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Prometheus-by-Minute 47

@traviandesigns returns from a hiatus and is joined by the most excellent Phillip from The Matrix Minute! Where to find Phil:  Alien 5, Cameron and Scott: History of Space Jockeys in the Expanded Universe:   Gustav Hoegen: MarI/O: AI Learns to Walk:

Atmospheric Pressurizer | Weyland Industries Featured Products Sold exclusively in conjunction with Weyland Atmospheric Processors, the Atmospheric Pressuriser can create a locally adapted micro-pressurised environment to prevent injury, illness or discomfort on off-world colonies with either marginal or oppressive stratospheric hold. On most planets a standard atmospheric pressure of approximately 1.0 atmosphere at sea level can be achieved, reducing the need …

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Prometheus-by-Minute 46

In which @traviandesigns swears up a storm, discusses decontamination technology, and Logan Marshall-Green. Footnotes List of swears in Prometheus: of R rated films in Australia: Classification Board: