Alien Resurrection Game Assets

Advertisements This morning I woke up to a message from my friend Dom, telling me about this sweet find. An ex member of Argonaut Games has released 30 builds, including some in its early production of Alien Resurrection. I can’t wait to see what the Alien Fan community can do with this! News via Stranno… Continue reading Alien Resurrection Game Assets

Chris Siddall Interview – Aliens Score

Advertisements An interview contributed by Scott Middlebrook of ALIEN UNIVERSE TIMELINE Late 2020 saw the release, quite out of the blue for Alien fans, of the published score of the late James Horner’s soundtrack for Aliens.  Horner faced a punishing schedule for Aliens which resulted in him revisiting and reworking previous pieces from Battle Beyond… Continue reading Chris Siddall Interview – Aliens Score

Aliens: Colonial please give me Fireteam

Advertisements Join BigChapAlien21 & For a full gameplay of Aliens Colonial Marines. We discuss what ACM did right, what they did wrong and mistakes Cold Iron Studios Alien Fireteam can avoid. Plus we review the 25mins of gameplay and the Gunner & Technician Class. Check out this video “Aliens: Colonial please give me Fireteam”… Continue reading Aliens: Colonial please give me Fireteam