What’s the story MUTHUR? #1

Advertisements https://youtu.be/YD0Tzk6dgK8 The first in a new regular series for the Studio Yutani channel, Matt and Baker ask the question “What’s the story MUTHUR?” as we delve into the latest in science fiction news! Today, the topics are the announcement of Free League’s Blade Runner RPG and the upcoming release of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune adaptation.… Continue reading What’s the story MUTHUR? #1

Alien Resurrection Game Assets

Advertisements This morning I woke up to a message from my friend Dom, telling me about this sweet find. An ex member of Argonaut Games has released 30 builds, including some in its early production of Alien Resurrection. I can’t wait to see what the Alien Fan community can do with this! News via Stranno… Continue reading Alien Resurrection Game Assets

Aliens: Colonial please give me Fireteam

Advertisements Join BigChapAlien21 & For a full gameplay of Aliens Colonial Marines. We discuss what ACM did right, what they did wrong and mistakes Cold Iron Studios Alien Fireteam can avoid. Plus we review the 25mins of gameplay and the Gunner & Technician Class. Check out this video “Aliens: Colonial please give me Fireteam” https://www.twitch.tv/videos/956921255… Continue reading Aliens: Colonial please give me Fireteam

Aliens: Fireteam announced!

Advertisements It’s finally here! I feel like we had been treading water and waiting for news to see if anything was happening to this game. From the multiple business ownership switches to cancellations of tie ins and what not. Personally I think the graphics look fab for Alpha play, which means this is the first… Continue reading Aliens: Fireteam announced!

2 Alien Titles up for the Dragon Award

Advertisements News from Scott Sigler Alien The RPG by Free League has been nominated for Best Science Fiction Role Playing Game and Scott Sigler’s Aliens: Phalanx has been nominated for Best Media Tie In Novel! Voting is now open for the 2020 Dragon Awards! Now what?  Make sure you are registered to vote. For more information… Continue reading 2 Alien Titles up for the Dragon Award

Alien RPG Starter Kit and Destroyer of Worlds

Advertisements I was thrilled to see that there was a new starter kit being made for the Alien RPG by Free League. This kit doesn’t include the core book but everything you may need to play the game, all packaged in a nice little box. The Starter Set contains everything you need to start playing:… Continue reading Alien RPG Starter Kit and Destroyer of Worlds