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WEYLAND MEGACORP ARCHIVES RA 22:53:13.0 Dec -14:15:13 GLIESE 876B: Xiwang Colony[1,2] TERRAFORMED: 2040 – 2048 POPULATION: 9,940,000 ESTABLISHED: 2048* INDUSTRY: Mining, Refining.    NOTES: Gliese 876b has large fields of natural gas. KEY RESOURCES: Methane[3], Terbium[4], Nitrogen[5], Helium[6]. An international team of astronomers used the Hubble Space Telescope to help make a precise measurement of […]

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In which MUTHUR joins me for the last time (or at least for now), we discuss the cycle of Eternal Return, get forensic with the Engineers, and ponder the cosmic horror elements of the Alien franchise. Footnotes Alien and the theory of Eternal Return: The Raft of Medusa:…