This was my third game with AvP Galaxy playing Chariots of the Gods, my first time Game Mothering this particular scenario. Recorded this morning in the early hours. I am joined by Shevvie/Leah Davis + Lori Clayton, Corporal Hicks/John J.Wilson, Ridgetop/Kayla Rye, Captain Vanessa Miller/The 1Def and J0nesy/Cham. We weren’t sure about recording and uploading […]

Written by Charles de Lauzirika for the ALIEN 20th Anniversary DVD, the Nostromo Crew Dossiers compile a history of the crew of the Nostromo. Some information contradicts other dates and other information can be seen as just Easter Eggs. I mentioned these dossiers in a recent episode of THE MUTHUR ROOM. So I decided to […]

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I’m not a particular fan of the movies “Prometheus” and “Covenant”, at least as parts of the Alien franchise/universe, mostly due to their handling of the Xenomorph itself and how the technology seen seems to be more advanced than that seen in “Alien” (which is set *after* those…

Currently details have not been released about the Cold Iron Studios Alien Game Around two years ago, it was announced that Cold Iron Studios were working on an Alien game. However, when Disney bought Fox and most of its assets, it set development back several months. Insider information: The timeline is set several years after […]