“Building a better community for all”

Yutani is a fan community project, spanning all types of social media. We aim to unite the fans and share our love for all things Alien, AI, Robotics, Scifi and Technology.

Updated 5th May 2019

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Upcoming interviews and projects:

When possible @muthur9000 will run raffles for exclusive prizes:

  • July Prize a Signed copy of Defiance #6 by Tristan Jones

  • August Prize a Signed art print from Dane Hallett Concept Artist

  • September Prize a Signed art Print from Matt Hatton Concept Artist

  • October Prize a copy of Sleep Tight Fan Comic

  • November Prize a copy of  Rotten Eden Art Book

  • December Prize a copy of NECA Alien Queen + Signed Gary Lockwood Print

  • January Prize a signed copy of Resistance #1 Alt cover by Tristan Jones

We will always be honest and transparent about our spending if you choose to support us.

Here’s a list of our ongoing administration costs and how much money we have spent to support artists in our community.

To cover basic running costs of, Yutani Podcast and Muthur database monthly:

  • Yearly WordPress Premium
  • Yearly Podbean Subscription
  • Yearly SoundCloud Pro Unlimited plan
  • Yearly Google Drive 200GB

Once off expenditures example:

  • We trialled Soundcloud Unlimited for 1 month for $16 (& decided we liked it, so we got a yearly subscription)
  • Printing March $23.98 Postcards for fans of Yutani, these are free to fans of the page/blog
  • Fright-Rags Blog Alien Day Giveaway $61.00 (Paid by Muthur9000)
  • Discord Nitro $4.99 For Yutani Discord users
  • Discord Bot MUTHUR $12.10 For Yutani Discord users (Paid by Muthur9000)
  • Printing December $47.96 Postcards for fans of Yutani, these are free to fans of the page/blog
  • 2 Artist Commissions $200

New projects

  • 3 Artist commissions for Yutani Tee Public Store, estimated cost $300
  • All costs when not offset by PATREON/Patron fall to Clara @muthur9000
  • *Money is always invested back into Yutani or its community, this is a not for profit fan project.

Current balance

Sep 3, 2017Artist Commission Androids of Alien-$81.77
Sep 3, 2017Artist Commission Ash-$110.92
Oct 25, 2017Google Drive 100G Year-$24.99
Nov 14, 2017Ash Postcard-$23.98
Dec 11, 2017Artist Commission David/Walter-$105.28
Dec 14, 2017WordPress Subscription-$127.50
Jan 30, 2018Rotten Eden + Sleep Tight-$31.98
Feb 5, 2018Podbean Subscription 14.00 USD 0.53 AUD-$18.22
Feb 28, 2018Discord-$6.65
Mar 4, 2018Monthly SoundCloud Pro Unlimited plan-$16.00
Mar 5, 2018Monthly SoundCloud Pro Unlimited plan-$16.00
Mar 5, 2018Podbean Subscription14.00 USD 0.54 AUD-$18.64
Mar 27, 2018Discord-$6.72
Apr 4, 2018Podbean Subscription 14.00 USD 0.55 AUD-$18.86
Apr 25, 2018Yearly SoundCloud Pro Unlimited plan ($12.08 month)-$145.00
Apr 27, 2018Podbean Subscription 104.62 USD 4.16 AUD ($11.89 month)-$142.73
Apr 27, 2018Discord-$6.86
Aug 6, 2018Patreon US$62.81$63.45
Sep 1, 2018VB-Audio Software US$8.33-$12.02
Sep 6, 2018Patreon US$80.55$81.37
Jul 6, 192.42Patreon US$192.42$194.37
 Androids of Alien Postcard Printing-$23.98
 David/Walter Postcard Printing-$23.98
 The Predator Postcard Printing-$23.98
 Tristan Jones Comic x 2$10.00
 Not included in total *All paid by muthur9000 
 Some Alien Day Giveaways 
 Printing of Photos