Alien: Harvest

Alien: Harvest puts us right into the thick of things from its opening shot. Four crew members walk cautiously down a ship’s corridors, a lone motion tracker at the ready. One of the four is pregnant with a child, only adding to the urgency of the scene. The four move about the ship in an … Continue reading Alien: Harvest

Alien: Alone

Alien: Alone is a sort of “Captain’s Log” short, which is mostly narrated by the ship’s lone occupant, Hope, who has been isolated on the crumbling vessel for an entire year. She spends her days drawing pictures, counting the metal workings in the corridors, and other monotonous tasks. However, there remains one area on the … Continue reading Alien: Alone

Alien goes to Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo

On March 23rd 11:00am you will be able to catch a screening of the 4 Alien Anniversary Short Films. What I really enjoy about the promotional images for this is how much they call back to the other films in the franchise, despite the shorts wholly focusing on the aesthetics and themes of the first … Continue reading Alien goes to Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo