In an interview with Variety, Ridley Scott is revealed to have a third Alien Prequel film in script phase. “Alien” made $105 million worldwide back in 1979 — the adjusted gross is $283.5 million — and spawned three sequels, two crossovers with the “Predator” franchise, and two prequels, 2012’s “Prometheus” and 2017’s “Alien: Covenant,” both […]

There’s been a lot of buzz after Cinemacon with Emma Watts saying It is really where it all started…it’s where Disney and Fox will continue to move forward as one united company. Both HNE and AvP Galaxy covered the news with more detail stating that Alien still remains in development after the acquisition. Disney presented […]

At about quarter past one Aussie time Wayne Haag, concept artist for Alien: Covenant tweeted that he’s working on another project with Ridley Scott. We know he can’t disclose any information, so some playful banter between artists is expected. Shhhhhh — muthur9000 [Studio Yutani] (@StudioYutani) May 16, 2018 That’s as much as […]

CASE FILE ADVENT // COVENANT TRANSMISSION LOGS d.8 D964ZB Outpost Coordinate Relay Signal boost Gliese 581g.02/delay modification Origin: Covenant Colonization Vessel RA 3h 17m 8.0s | Dec -62° 37′ 41.1″ Bounce Trajectory Amplification Source KG-348 >>>HD 10180 designate HEX-5 >>>Nu Octantis designate X-1, LV-138 >>>Plutonian Outpost H-3 Processed: Suborbital Research Platform J Secured: WY–Kyoto Protocol Sequence Initiated…Commence transmission… David: I come to you […]