New Eden Sector: Grendel

Grendel is a large colony of over 200,000 people, who live in hundreds of small domed cities. There is substantial light industry, and the world has a major stopping point for travel among Micor, New Eden, Weyland-Yutani, and Hilo. Much of the traffic was lost to the New Chicago - Lobo route, but Grendel still … Continue reading New Eden Sector: Grendel

New Eden Sector

This Sector was the first to yield an Earthlike world, the planet of New Eden itself. Exploration was handled by a coalition which renamed itself New Eden/JV after the world which made it rich. This Sector comparatively stable, compared to the strife of the CSC Sector and the danger and uncertainty of the Borodino Sector.The … Continue reading New Eden Sector

Hyperdyne Sector: Shinon

This colony is the dumping site for people removed from Hilo during the Colonial rebellions. These are people who were considered to be security risks, but who could not be convicted of serious crimes. All sorts have been sent here; petty criminals, relatives of rebels, free-thinkers and rabble rousers, intellectuals, and those who were simply … Continue reading Hyperdyne Sector: Shinon

Hyperdyne Sector: Cyclone

A research and manufacturing lab set up by Hyperdyne in an underground installation. It develops weapons technology and security systems, and contain only a few hundred personnel. The location of this think tank is not common knowledge, and the best military and scientific minds of Hyperdyne do their work here. Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.

Hyperdyne Sector: Transept

This barren world is the base camp for Hyperdyne's space exploration fleet. Hyperdyne is trying to open a direct route to Pandora, as that is the location of the only other major research being done in the field of biotechnology. If Hyperdyne is successful and can keep its route a secret, it will be able … Continue reading Hyperdyne Sector: Transept

Hyperdyne Sector: Byal

This is another of Hyperdyne's special labs. It is a space station, where work is done on biotechnology integration and modification. Its location is known at the top levels of the ICC, but it is not common knowledge and there is no commercial traffic to Byal. Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.

Hyperdyne Sector: Marduk

Little is known of this system, except that there is a large space station in orbit around the primary planet and that there are no ground installations. Rumor indicates that Hyperdyne does experimental work on Synthetics here, and that illegal programming packages are sometimes sent from Marduk into the ICC. There is an extremely high … Continue reading Hyperdyne Sector: Marduk

Hyperdyne Sector: Hilo

This was the second ideal world found, and it is under the control of Hyperdyne. Hilo had an ideal climate and ample water when found, but lacked indigenous life. This made it very easy to tailor the world, introducing the proper mix of lifeforms from Earth and other worlds to create the perfect environment. Hilo … Continue reading Hyperdyne Sector: Hilo

Hyperdyne Sector: Stratus

Stratus was used as a Garrison System by Hyperdyne before the ICC was created, and there are the remains of a large ground military base and a deep space tracking station here. Today there is only a way station and a small, poor salvage operation recovering equipment left over from earlier conflicts. Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading … Continue reading Hyperdyne Sector: Stratus

Hyperdyne Sector: Cryosphere

A research station has been established on this planet, which is in a very distant orbit around the system's sun. It is a small station, with only eight people, and most craft simply pass through the system without going anywhere near Cryosphere. While valuable work is being done regarding the formation of solar systems and … Continue reading Hyperdyne Sector: Cryosphere