Souta Dry – Alien: Isolation

Aspen Beer company was registered in 2008, so when Creative Assembly we're creating assets for the game they either had to seek permission or improvise. This leads them to make a new beer brand. Its graphics are reminiscent of the Japanese war flag with its rising sun, it could also be a parody on the … Continue reading Souta Dry – Alien: Isolation

Yutani goes to Oz ComiCon! OzComiCon was absolutely jam-packed on day 1, there was plenty to do and much to see. I bought some awesome Ripley fan art by Lily McDonnell and I got to meet Tristan Jones the comic artist for Aliens Defiance as well! I have a signed copy of Defiance #6 to give away … Continue reading Yutani goes to Oz ComiCon!