Blog Updates 1st Feb

Here's a summary of Yutani Studio's posts plus blog contributors for January Alien: Blackout Level 4 Play through [ALL SURVIVE] Alien: Blackout Level 3 Play through [ALL SURVIVE] Creatives: Matthew J Thorne, Director Advent (Alien: Covenant), Set photographer Alien: Blackout Level 2 Play through [ALL SURVIVE] Employee Profile: Jamie Rossi Alien: Blackout Level 1 Play … Continue reading Blog Updates 1st Feb

A Blade Runner Anime Series Is In The Works

This information is sourced from a Variety article. Alcon Entertainment, Adult Swim, and Crunchyroll have decided to partner up to work on a Blade Runner anime series. The series is going to be called "Blade Runner Black Lotus" and will consist of 13 episodes. The only information that has been given is that the series … Continue reading A Blade Runner Anime Series Is In The Works