Here’s a summary of Yutani Studio’s posts plus blog contributors for January Alien: Blackout Level 4 Play through [ALL SURVIVE] Alien: Blackout Level 3 Play through [ALL SURVIVE] Creatives: Matthew J Thorne, Director Advent (Alien: Covenant), Set photographer Alien: Blackout Level 2 Play through [ALL SURVIVE] Employee Profile: Jamie Rossi Alien: Blackout Level 1 Play […]

Because of the Tumblr purge, I contacted a select few of those I know. Bloggers, content creators and such with the intention of offering them a home here at Studio Yutani. As you may have noticed there have been a few changes in the menu system. Now YUTANI.BLOG is STUDIO YUTANI and contained within the […]

View this post on Instagram Miss Salomé and the snake. (@joannacassidyofficial and Darling, her pet snake on the set of Blade Runner.) Read something very interesting about the never-seen performance of Zhora onstage, in which she "takes pleasure from the serpent that once corrupted men." 'We can imagine with enough margin of success what would […]