Borodino Sector: Eyesore

An old mining site which has been abandoned. The world is habitable by about 400 people, but is ugly, infertile, and generally unpleasant. Only a small community remains on Eyesore, which handles rudimentary repairs and limited services for crews which pass through. There is every chance that Eyesore will grow rapidly in the coming years, … Continue reading Borodino Sector: Eyesore

Borodino Sector: Arcturus

This is the only well-developed system on the Loop. It is habitable, although cold and harsh, and has a functioning biosphere of its own. The native lifeforms include a generally humanoid creature which lives in large, complex warrens underground. These creatures usually live in communities of a few dozen, although large warrens of hundreds and … Continue reading Borodino Sector: Arcturus

Borodino Sector: Arcturus Loop

This is a new interstellar link between Aerodyne and Weyland-Yutani, and is being used to bypass Earth and ICC customs. There is a great deal of illegal traffic in this area, but the efforts of honest ICC Customs officials to clean it up have been unsuccessful. Part of the trouble lies in the relative weakness … Continue reading Borodino Sector: Arcturus Loop

Borodino Sector: Pandora

This Colony is at the edge of ICC space, and as such operates with little regards for law or accepted behavior. The world has an unpleasant but breathable atmosphere, and gravity near Earth's. Most of the surface is covered with water, and the small land areas are overcrowded with a population of 4 million. Work … Continue reading Borodino Sector: Pandora

Borodino Sector: Grandhi

This is a Service Base, with a small station set up to service ships making the long haul to and from Pandora. It is a full service port, with the repair abilities of a Colony for anything relating to Spacecraft. Other than that, there is only a small community of 15,000 which tends to the … Continue reading Borodino Sector: Grandhi

Borodino Sector: Thedus

This is a small, struggling Colony which survives off the traffic from the core of the ICC out to the frontier world of Pandora. It is a domed Colony, as the atmosphere of Thedus is thin and has little oxygen. The world is not self-sufficient; it has a full space Service Base, but all other … Continue reading Borodino Sector: Thedus

Borodino Sector: Chitin

The surface of this planet is covered with heavy flows of basalt, so it appears to have an armored shell. Beneath this shell, which earned the planet its name, there are a number of soft areas which were excavated to form human communities. There are three of these subterranean vaults, with a total population of … Continue reading Borodino Sector: Chitin

Borodino Sector: Acheron

A harsh, bitter world in the midst of terraforming. There are many deposits of heavy metals here, which offer the hope of future prosperity, and when terraforming is complete it could be a fairly pleasant world. The most interesting aspect of this world is obviously the strange ship which contains the Alien Eggs. The current … Continue reading Borodino Sector: Acheron

Borodino Sector: Aerodyne

This world was originally called Chalmer 3, but was renamed when Aerodyne Corporation established its headquarters here. It has been terraformed, and is now a cold planet with a thin, breathable atmosphere and vast open steppes, swept by constant winds. There is little open water, but the population of 25 million is self-sufficient and the … Continue reading Borodino Sector: Aerodyne

Borodino Sector: Nimbus

This is a very large world, a giant gas, which has a research space station in orbit around it. It is being used for studies of high pressure and high energy conditions by Hyperdyne. Probes enter Nimbus' atmosphere and are subjected to incredible heat and pressure as they decelerate. They then emerge from the atmosphere … Continue reading Borodino Sector: Nimbus