Flora: Amorphophallus Titanium

https://www.instagram.com/p/BU9I32ml3AU/ Transcription - David's Illustrations Etymology Amorphophallus titanum, in Latin | Ancient Greek = άμορφος +  φαλλός amorphos = without form, misshapen + phallos = phallus + titanum = titan/giant (1) Amorphophallus titanum Also known as the titan arum is a flowering plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence(spike) in the world.(3) Due to its odour, like the smell of … Continue reading Flora: Amorphophallus Titanium

Flora: Bud

Bud drawing by Dane Hallett I actually struggled to identify this until I asked for help from Dane Hallett, after he told me what it was it seemed so obvious. But I was able to identify what sort of rotting it was suffering from. Thanks, Dane, I really appreciate you checking my work. This one is … Continue reading Flora: Bud

Flora: The Pitcher Plant

  PITCHER PLANT   Fig. A (plan view) Local pitcher plants proved useful in the collection of many small animals and insects to the point where often it became preferable to other methods. They are fairly aggressive and use the natural rainwater to catalyse an enzyme genetically similar to the ammonite mucus mentioned previously. This … Continue reading Flora: The Pitcher Plant