Aliens: Fireteam announced!

Advertisements It’s finally here! I feel like we had been treading water and waiting for news to see if anything was happening to this game. From the multiple business ownership switches to cancellations of tie ins and what not. Personally I think the graphics look fab for Alpha play, which means this is the first… Continue reading Aliens: Fireteam announced!

Unverified: Cold Iron Studios Game Details

Advertisements Currently details have not been released about the Cold Iron Studios Alien Game Around two years ago, it was announced that Cold Iron Studios were working on an Alien game. However, when Disney bought Fox and most of its assets, it set development back several months.Insider information:The timeline is set several years after Aliens,… Continue reading Unverified: Cold Iron Studios Game Details

Fox IP licensed games remains with Disney

Advertisements Cold Iron Studios continues to work on the unnamed Alien MMO, confirmed by my exclusive interview with Weston Ochse to be released on Alien Day. Scopely purchased FoxNext Games earlier this year, only to sell it on as soon as it aquired it. Source:

Yutani News YouTube Livestream

Advertisements Topics of discussion and accompanying links: Currently, there is a $1.75 Billion lawsuit against Disney/Fox for backing out of the construction and completion of the theme park Fox World; which was slated to be finished at the end of 2018 originally, then pushed to January 2019. Genting Resort have said it was due to… Continue reading Yutani News YouTube Livestream

Title for new Alien game revealed

Advertisements The alien fandom is a buzz with news of the names Alien: Blackout being trademarked as of 22nd of November, by 20th Century Fox. But as early as September 28th they started reserving social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The description covers as follows: Computer game discs; software, namely, game software,… Continue reading Title for new Alien game revealed

News: Hideo Kojima visits 20th Century Fox

Advertisements Looks like The Game Awards is riding on the coat tails of this tweet, mentioning its slogan #WorldsWillChange I had already spoken to Matt Highison of Cold Iron Studios in back in July, he stated it wasn’t the time to reveal any details. I wonder now what an Alien game would look… Continue reading News: Hideo Kojima visits 20th Century Fox

Cold Iron Studios Job Posting

Advertisements On the 6th of October Cold Iron Studios posted searching for a Console Gameplay Engineer. Here is an excerpt: Position Summary Cold Iron is seeking an experienced Console Gameplay Engineer to join our world class team working on a new PC and console shooter based on the Alien franchise! Are you a passionate game developer? Is… Continue reading Cold Iron Studios Job Posting

News: Alien Game Still In Development

Advertisements Image credit: 20th Century Fox I thought I’d check in on how Cold Iron Studios are going with the development of that Alien Game they were tasked with making. Founder and Art Director, Matt Highison on twitter had nothing he could say on the subject currently. Looks like we have to… Continue reading News: Alien Game Still In Development

I had a dream…

Advertisements As you could imagine, with most of my days and nights consumed with every aspect of the franchise from podcast editing to chasing up creatives for interviews, listening to audio books and researching art pieces. There was going to be an eventual build up to some sort of night time filing in my head… Continue reading I had a dream…