Aliens Adventure Game: New Eden Sector

This sector was the first to yield an Earthlike world, the planet of New Eden itself.Exploration was handled by a coalition which renamed itself New Eden/JV after the world which made it rich. This Sector is comparatively stable, compared to the strife of CSC Sector and the danger and uncertainty of the Borodino Sector. The … Continue reading Aliens Adventure Game: New Eden Sector

CSC Sector: Saint John

The first terraforming project of the CSC was established here. The site is largely empty, and most of the valuable components have been moved to Starview. The toxic atmosphere and sulphur bogs have defied terraforming, and after decades of work the project was abandoned in favour of the more pleasant Starview. There is still one Atmosphere Processor in operation here, … Continue reading CSC Sector: Saint John

CSC Sector: Riesling

This is the site of exploratory mining and drilling operations. The world's composition indicates that it has potential as a source of several rare elements, and science crews are still evaluating it. At present, only remote exploration sites are set up, with teams from CSC and a number of freelance groups licensed to conduct the … Continue reading CSC Sector: Riesling

CSC Sector: Volcus

One of a group of Colonies developed by CSC after the secession of Alexandria. The Colony is in a domed community on the major moon in orbit around the planet of Volcus itself, and neither the moon nor the planet is terraformed. Volcus is a world ruled by volcanic forces, with vast magma flows covering … Continue reading CSC Sector: Volcus

CSC Sector: Starview

This is the latest find of CSC, and it already has a sizeable population. This world is better in many ways than Alexandria, and once terraforming is complete it will become the primary world for CSC. The terraforming effort will take another half century to complete, however, despite the best efforts of CSC's scientists, because … Continue reading CSC Sector: Starview

CSC Sector: Dust Ball

This is a small moon which possesses a few mining communities. These operations are centred on the crater left by the impact of an ancient meteor. Unique and valuable minerals were created by the combination of the meteor's and the moon's materials, subjected to the tremendous heat and pressures generated by the impact. Dome operations … Continue reading CSC Sector: Dust Ball

Aliens Adventure Game: CSC Sector

On the Star Map, this Sector extends up and to the left from Earth. The primary explorers here were employees of a Corporate coalition called Central Space Consortium, or CSC. The jewel of this Sector is Alexandria, an Earth-like world which lies at the end of the Sector. Alexandria was one of several worlds that … Continue reading Aliens Adventure Game: CSC Sector

CSC Sector: Alexandria

This is the only holdout from the Colonial rebellions. It is isolated from the rest of ICC space by the military colony it controls on Ventix, and by the five Crestus Garrison Worlds. To date, the ICC has not committed enough forces to conquer Alexandria and its Garrison Worlds. The area is quarantined by Colonial … Continue reading CSC Sector: Alexandria

CSC Sector: Ventix

Ventix is a Colony near Alexandria and is controlled by the people of that world. It is a dense prosperous community, built underground in vast, airtight chambers. Terra-forming of Ventix was put on hold by the eruption of the rebellion on Alexandria, and the years of conflict have transformed the city into a military hard-site. … Continue reading CSC Sector: Ventix

CSC Sector: Crestus Prime

Crestus Prime is a Garrison World with a Service Base and a fleet of large cargo transports, used for transporting disabled Frigates from the four Crestus Garrison Worlds nearby. The location of Crestus Prime is known only to top level military personnel of Alexandria, and is only placed in the Navigation Computers of ships assigned … Continue reading CSC Sector: Crestus Prime