Alien: Covenant Poster

Advertisements Alien Covenant Poster, multiple influences just like Dan O’Bannon’s first draft script for Alien. “I didn’t steal from anybody,” he explained, “I stole from everybody!” The works most commonly cited and acknowledged by O’Bannon as key influences on Alien include 1956’s Forbidden Planet and the aforementioned It! The Terror From Beyond Space, released in 1958. Literary influences include a wealth of Weird Science… Continue reading Alien: Covenant Poster

The Engineer’s Demise and The Punishment of Thieves

Advertisements Parallels: The Engineer’s demise & Punishment Of The Thieves by Gustave  Doré from Dante Alighieri’s, The Divine Comedy. Now the thief engages in obscene and rebellious defiance of God, in the action of his raised fists and in his speech “Take that, God! It’s aimed at you!” [Inf. 24.3].until he is silenced by the serpents.… Continue reading The Engineer’s Demise and The Punishment of Thieves