Alien: Covenant Poster

Advertisements Alien Covenant Poster, multiple influences just like Dan O’Bannon’s first draft script for Alien. “I didn’t steal from anybody,” he explained, “I stole from everybody!” The works most commonly cited and acknowledged by O’Bannon as key influences on Alien include 1956’s Forbidden Planet and the aforementioned It! The Terror From Beyond Space, released in 1958. Literary influences include a wealth of Weird Science… Continue reading Alien: Covenant Poster

The Engineer’s Demise and The Punishment of Thieves

Advertisements Parallels: The Engineer’s demise & Punishment Of The Thieves by Gustave  Doré from Dante Alighieri’s, The Divine Comedy. Now the thief engages in obscene and rebellious defiance of God, in the action of his raised fists and in his speech “Take that, God! It’s aimed at you!” [Inf. 24.3].until he is silenced by the serpents.… Continue reading The Engineer’s Demise and The Punishment of Thieves

David, The Engineers and The Hypocrites

Advertisements The chasm of the Hypocrites is mainly filled with those who sinned against religion, the cloaks of the Hypocrites, are actually are instruments of torture. “Hypocrites – they wear gorgeous cloaks lined with lead; pretty outside, awful inside; heavy cloaks force them to behave sedately, although seething within; cloak true character in false appearance.”… Continue reading David, The Engineers and The Hypocrites

Death of Milburn, Fifield and Holloway

Advertisements Dante and Virgil enter a burning desert in Canto 14, confronted with souls laying flat, some crouching and some writhing, their punishment is to have fire rain down on them for all eternity. Some lay upon the ground, flat on their backs; (Milburn) some huddled in a crouch, and there they sat; (Fifield) and… Continue reading Death of Milburn, Fifield and Holloway

The Raft of Medusa in Prometheus

Advertisements The Raft of Medusa by Théodore Géricault (1818) Public Domain The travellers pass “the boundary that divides / the second from the third ring”  [Inf. 14.4-5] and see before them a witness to “the horrible art of justice”: a dread work that justice had devised [Inf. 14.6]. The third ring of the seventh circle is devoted… Continue reading The Raft of Medusa in Prometheus

The Holographic Engineers

Advertisements The scene in which the Prometheus Crew explore the Engineer temple to Shaw and Ford experimenting on the head of the Engineer correlates with the Canto 13 of Dante’s Inferno. In Canto XIII Dante and Virgil enter a darkened wood populated twisted and gnarled trees, just like in Prometheus the crew enter the pyramid… Continue reading The Holographic Engineers

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