Literary Parallels: Alien Covenant – Leggatt and David 8

Advertisements So tonight I was popping by the lovely blog The Nostromo Files and happened across this event [Lambert assigned: Leggatt.] 29 Jan 2115: Lambert is assigned to Ridton Corp. salvage vessel as Navigator/ Comm Officer, under Captain Leigh.thenostromofiles Which got me thinking of the use of the character Leggatt and how he’d relate… Continue reading Literary Parallels: Alien Covenant – Leggatt and David 8

Fauna: Ammonite Shells

Advertisements Ammonite Shell Collection 1. Lytocerotina a grand order of Cretaceous ammonitea Lytocerotina are usually circular and have vibrate shells in which the grooved element has a multitude of vein like sub growths. 2. Cretaceous 3. C Lytocerotina 4.  Cretaceous ammonitea There are 171 species of Cretaceous ammonitea, I could only find one reference online for Lytocerotina which… Continue reading Fauna: Ammonite Shells

Flora: Dead Leaves

Advertisements Dead Leaves 1. Taphonomy Taphos – meaning tomb, The inevitable rise and fall of the flesh. Decomposition begins at the moment of Death, caused by two factors  autolysis, the breaking down of tissues by the body’s own internal chemicals and enzymes, and putrefaction, the breakdown of tissues by bacteria. These processes release gases that are the chief source of… Continue reading Flora: Dead Leaves


Advertisements This has been translated from Japanese in the interest of preserving information. Source. Company History A tradition of innovation…Our 50 years, and a history that will keep on breaking into the future. From Peter Weyland’s first commercially viable cybernetic android to the invention of the atmospheric processor, Weyland continues to innovate and work towards… Continue reading WEYLAND INDUSTRIES CORPORATE TIMELINE

Flora: Seed Pods

Advertisements Seed pods1. Seed Pods2. Fig.C. Sub-class Skerrittus, thombulb and sapling3. Skerrittus DallasFig.A Pod exterior and openingThe Goliath pod is a species in the genus GoliathusFig.D The Shiraz Limoo4. The Goliath PodThe Skerrittus Dallas makes up a large portion of the planets ecologyThe Goliath pod is a species in the genus Goliathus and the largest seed… Continue reading Flora: Seed Pods

Flora: Various Leaves

Advertisements Various LeavesHymenogastraceae[¹] Subterranean Alter growthFig.B Ectomycorrhizas[2]Fig.A Amanita phalloidesFig.C SuillusFig.D Leecinum Emmagracienio Sub-species Ultra-genus Fig. E Basidiomycota Fig.F Ascomycota Fig.G Zygomycota Fig.H Mycorrihizas Fig. J Saprotrophic Hymenogastraceae Subterranean Alter growth Fig.H Amanita phalloides Fig.C Suillus During infancy the organism will not survive the presence of Eunicium, it is sensitive to heat and exhibits minor mobility Fig. B Ectomycorrhizas Emmagracienio Subspecies Ultra-genus Fig. G Zygomycota Fig. J Saprotrophic Fig. H Mycorrihizas Fig.E Basidiomycota… Continue reading Flora: Various Leaves

EXCLUSIVE – Prometheus 2 Ridleygrams – Episode 29 – Yutani Podcast

Advertisements A special Studio Yutani Exclusive, we have been sent from one of our anonymous sources the Prometheus 2 Ridleygrams. @traviandesigns / Syntax and @muthur9000 will be reviewing and reacting to it, I recommend you listen to our Alien: Covenant Prologue reaction as well. Join us now on Twitch or watch on YouTube… Continue reading EXCLUSIVE – Prometheus 2 Ridleygrams – Episode 29 – Yutani Podcast

NEWS: Michael Fassbender wants to reprise the role of David in Alien Awakening

Advertisements During an interview with – Il Nuovo Gusto del Cinema Michael Fassbender reveals he is still interested in reprising the role of our favourite evil android of the Alien Prequels, David. – Il Nuovo Gusto del CinemaPublished on May 24, 2019 Interviewer: Let me ask you, and staying within the 20th… Continue reading NEWS: Michael Fassbender wants to reprise the role of David in Alien Awakening