Flora: Various Leaves

Various LeavesHymenogastraceae[¹] Subterranean Alter growthFig.B Ectomycorrhizas[2]Fig.A Amanita phalloidesFig.C SuillusFig.D Leecinum Emmagracienio Sub-species Ultra-genus Fig. E Basidiomycota Fig.F Ascomycota Fig.G Zygomycota Fig.H Mycorrihizas Fig. J Saprotrophic Hymenogastraceae Subterranean Alter growth Fig.H Amanita phalloides Fig.C Suillus During infancy the organism will not survive the presence of Eunicium, it is sensitive to heat and exhibits minor mobility Fig. B Ectomycorrhizas Emmagracienio Subspecies Ultra-genus Fig. G Zygomycota Fig. J Saprotrophic Fig. H Mycorrihizas Fig.E Basidiomycota Fig. … Continue reading Flora: Various Leaves

Interview: Odd Studio Adam Johansen and Damien Martin – Yutani and Perfect Organism

https://www.facebook.com/oddstudiopl/photos/a.112904245523625.20885.112871958860187/956023591211682/?type=3 JM and @muthur9000 have joined forces to interview ODD STUDIO founders Adam Johansen and Damian Martin about their work and their involvement with Alien: Covenant to give us a behind the scenes glimpse of what it is like during preproduction and the process of creating practical effects. https://youtu.be/bOPyerc0unY 85 // INTERVIEW WITH ODD STUDIO … Continue reading Interview: Odd Studio Adam Johansen and Damien Martin – Yutani and Perfect Organism

Advent: Transmission B88Q

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC4vOycX1hM CASE FILE ADVENT // COVENANT TRANSMISSION LOGS d.21 B88Q XENOMORPHIC ENTITY. SPECIAL ORDER 931. ADVANCED WEAPONS RESEARCH. David: If you do this, there will be no turning back, my creatures shall be set loose, to rule this galaxy. This last transmission is a sign that this is the progression towards Special Order 937

Advent: Transmission 21WT

CASE FILE ADVENT // COVENANT TRANSMISSION LOGS d.8 21WT XENOMORPHIC ENTITY. SPECIAL ORDER 931. UADVANCED WEAPONS RESEARCH. Outpost Coordinate Relay Signal boost Gliese 581g.02/delay modification Origin: Covenant Colonization Vessel RA 3h 17m 8.0s | Dec -62° 37′ 41.1″ Bounce Trajectory Amplification Source KG-348 >>>HD 10180 designate HEX-5 >>>Nu Octantis designate X-1, LV-138 >>>Plutonian Outpost H-3 Processed: Suborbital Research Platform J Secured: WY-Kyoto David: Nostalgia is … Continue reading Advent: Transmission 21WT

Advent Analysis

CASE FILE ADVENT // COVENANT TRANSMISSION LOGS d.5 E240F SURGICAL INVESTIGATION SPECIAL ORDER 754 EXPERIMENTAL TRIALS. Weyland-Yutani: Go ahead Covenant David: In order to help you unlock my research, I’ve included detailed illustrations and charts. For the sake of posterity. I’ve begun with a complete catalogue of the planet's natural life, such beautiful creatures, poisonous and vicious by … Continue reading Advent Analysis

Creatives: Ev Shipard, Concept Artist for Alien Covenant

My next instalment of the creatives series features the amazingly talented concept artist Ev Shipard who worked on art concepts for the Engineer city, David's Lab and the Egg chamber. You can listen to my podcast with him and Wayne Haag here Creatives: Wayne Haag and Ev Shipard – Episode 15 – Yutani Podcast Clara Fei-Fei: … Continue reading Creatives: Ev Shipard, Concept Artist for Alien Covenant

The Vivisected Engineer

The Vivisected Engineer combined with David by Michelangelo Though studied for centuries in various cultures, the fields of anatomy and experimental physiology began to progress around 300 B.C. Scientific studies involving the vivisection and dissection of animals including those conducted by notable scientists such as Aristotle, Galen, and Vesalius. While Greek law prohibited the dissection … Continue reading The Vivisected Engineer