Flora: Victorian Plant

Advertisements Victorian Plants Bishop Notbaad Fowra Hoomen Bishop of the subclass Notbaad in the enclave Fowra Hoomen grows up to 7 foot tall. The fruit can be remarkably heavy harbours a scent reminiscent of the Dane mist from the southern hemisphere. Bishop: Not Bad for A  Human Dane mist, lol 2. Victorian Plant3. Bishop   … Continue reading Flora: Victorian Plant

Flora: Dead Leaves

Advertisements Dead Leaves 1. Taphonomy Taphos – meaning tomb, The inevitable rise and fall of the flesh. Decomposition begins at the moment of Death, caused by two factors  autolysis, the breaking down of tissues by the body’s own internal chemicals and enzymes, and putrefaction, the breakdown of tissues by bacteria. These processes release gases that are the chief source of… Continue reading Flora: Dead Leaves

Flora: Seed Pods

Advertisements Seed pods1. Seed Pods2. Fig.C. Sub-class Skerrittus, thombulb and sapling3. Skerrittus DallasFig.A Pod exterior and openingThe Goliath pod is a species in the genus GoliathusFig.D The Shiraz Limoo4. The Goliath PodThe Skerrittus Dallas makes up a large portion of the planets ecologyThe Goliath pod is a species in the genus Goliathus and the largest seed… Continue reading Flora: Seed Pods

Flora: Various Leaves

Advertisements Various LeavesHymenogastraceae[¹] Subterranean Alter growthFig.B Ectomycorrhizas[2]Fig.A Amanita phalloidesFig.C SuillusFig.D Leecinum Emmagracienio Sub-species Ultra-genus Fig. E Basidiomycota Fig.F Ascomycota Fig.G Zygomycota Fig.H Mycorrihizas Fig. J Saprotrophic Hymenogastraceae Subterranean Alter growth Fig.H Amanita phalloides Fig.C Suillus During infancy the organism will not survive the presence of Eunicium, it is sensitive to heat and exhibits minor mobility Fig. B Ectomycorrhizas Emmagracienio Subspecies Ultra-genus Fig. G Zygomycota Fig. J Saprotrophic Fig. H Mycorrihizas Fig.E Basidiomycota… Continue reading Flora: Various Leaves

Flora: Seed Pod

Advertisements Magnolia Seed Pod 1. Annonalceae bilianas Annoya, Amonidium The Bilianus Annoya, species is a homophalic-based subgenus of Indocartella. Monophyli and all relative sub classes appear to be a combination of unbound sexualogical interspecies breeding. 2. The Bilianus Annoya, is homophalic-based Monophyli and all relative subclasses appear to be a subgenus of Indocartella Annoya, Amonidium… Continue reading Flora: Seed Pod

Flora: Large Flowers

Advertisements Transcription Large Flowers1. Victorj-Zolfo-Legenda   Mattius-Shimon-Hattonanus   Daneh-Allett-Calyees     Kat-iesharr-Ock2. Victorj-Zolfo-Legenda   Mattius-Shimon-Hattonanus3. Daneh-Allett-Calyees     Kat-iesharr-Ock4. Large Flowers Alien: Covenant (2017) Set Decoration by Victor J. Zolfo Katie Sharrock … assistant set decorator Dane Hallett … concept artist/illustrator Matt Hatton … concept artist/illustrator The illustrations are actually of Hibiscus Flowers By RICCARDO SCOTTI di ISCHIA – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae… Continue reading Flora: Large Flowers

Flora: Cobra Lily

Advertisements Cobra Lily 1. Katingtonia Sharrokonica – the Cobra Lily The Cobra Lily grows mainly in the out world, a subservient counterpart of Shoa Khania (the wrath oak) Its seeds can be ground into a superb opiate Its curls are vast, its reach fi(r)m and simply stunning. 2. the Cobra Lily Sharrokonica Katingtonia Its seeds can be ground into a superb… Continue reading Flora: Cobra Lily

Flora: Amorphophallus Titanium

Fig B(Mature). Amorphophallus Titanum B The post industrial aesthetic apparent in their interplanetary vehicles and space suits seem the result of a congruent return to even older and natural forms.

Advertisements https://www.instagram.com/p/BU9I32ml3AU/ Transcription – David’s Illustrations Etymology Amorphophallus titanum, in Latin | Ancient Greek = άμορφος +  φαλλός amorphos = without form, misshapen + phallos = phallus + titanum = titan/giant (1) Amorphophallus titanum Also known as the titan arum is a flowering plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence(spike) in the world.(3) Due to its odour, like the smell… Continue reading Flora: Amorphophallus Titanium

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