Alien Resurrection Game Assets

Advertisements This morning I woke up to a message from my friend Dom, telling me about this sweet find. An ex member of Argonaut Games has released 30 builds, including some in its early production of Alien Resurrection. I can’t wait to see what the Alien Fan community can do with this! News via Stranno… Continue reading Alien Resurrection Game Assets

Alien RPG Starter Kit and Destroyer of Worlds

Advertisements I was thrilled to see that there was a new starter kit being made for the Alien RPG by Free League. This kit doesn’t include the core book but everything you may need to play the game, all packaged in a nice little box. The Starter Set contains everything you need to start playing:… Continue reading Alien RPG Starter Kit and Destroyer of Worlds

Alien: Blackout Game Pre-order

Advertisements I will be live-streaming a reaction video soon on YouTube and Facebook. Stay Tuned! Alien: Blackout is not the Cold Iron Studios much anticipated game, so please don’t worry. There’s a proper game on the way which is being worked on right now. So just look at this as just another way to… Continue reading Alien: Blackout Game Pre-order

Yutani goes to Oz ComiCon!

Advertisements OzComiCon was absolutely jam-packed on day 1, there was plenty to do and much to see. I bought some awesome Ripley fan art by Lily McDonnell and I got to meet Tristan Jones the comic artist for Aliens Defiance as well! I have a signed copy of Defiance #6 to give… Continue reading Yutani goes to Oz ComiCon!

All you need to know to survive Melbourne Comicon

Advertisements You can get all the official information and news via Melbourne ComiCon main page or through their facebook. It’s been quite a few years since I have gone to a convention, my days now are spent taking my kids out to fun places. But now it’s my turn to go to a fun place, Melbourne Comicon!… Continue reading All you need to know to survive Melbourne Comicon

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