Drawer numbers in Alien: Covenant

Thanks to Gothic-Fiction-In-Space for tagging me on twitter. Kieran decided to do a search for the drawer numbers that appeared in Alien: Covenant and he was pleased to find the following passages in the bible. https://twitter.com/Pseudo_Kieran/status/1038862661545537537?s=19 Psalm 34 of David. When he pretended to be insane before Abimelek, who drove him away, and he left. 1 I … Continue reading Drawer numbers in Alien: Covenant

Blog Updates for 1st Nov

The Biological Daughter and The Artificial Son By Gothic-Fiction-In-SpaceFlora: Cobra LilyThe Necropolis IIIWeyland Diaries: On this day in 1990…The Engineer Cathedral AnalysisAdded more to the B L A C K . M I R R O R sectionYutani is also on BloggerAdded more to the ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES sectionIn UteroIn Utero AnalysisMOON: Sea of Tranquility … Continue reading Blog Updates for 1st Nov

1st Birthday Retrospective | Studio Yutani

Thank you to the Yutani crew Luis Lopez, Mike Andrews, Jason Romeo Leger, Connor Coulson/ Prometheus-by-Minute, Babak Ni, Paul Ripp, Frans Hattingh, Christopher Isaac Bustos, Zoe Wible, Michael Joseph Kenwell, Enoch, Mercury, Mattie, Roxy, BarSoapSoup Alien, Baedavid8/Sachi, Clayre/ Gothic-Fiction-In-Space, Gray Malkin, Blogger Iamquantumalice, Blogger Hammerpedetime, Blogger uscss prometheus, Accerino and Ash A Fan Fiction Comic. Special thanks to our Patreon supporters, with your dedication and support enables …

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Alien Day Social Media Round up

Alien Fandom Speaks... For my Alien Day post, I will feature peoples love of Alien, whether it is the humans, the robots, the aliens, the scifi aspects, the costumes. anything. just reblog this with why you love alien and I will post it to Yutani.Blog on Alien Day. darkmother said: I love the subtle horror, the quiet … Continue reading Alien Day Social Media Round up

Reaction: Paradise Lost Script | Studio Yutani

Concept art by Khang Le, read more here Khang Le’s Concept Art for Prometheus 2 Clara @muthur9000 and Mike @officerjoek9 share their thoughts on the Paradise Lost script shared by AVP Galaxy recently and how it differs from the novelization and the movie. https://youtu.be/eQH2x4328j0 If you enjoy our content please 👍🏼 like, 💯 rate, 🙌 share … Continue reading Reaction: Paradise Lost Script | Studio Yutani