Advertisements Millenia ago a splinter group of Engineers broke their ancient covenant and committed the greatest sin: they stole the divine equation of creation in an attempt to usurp the Gods. The black pathogen was their greatest triumph but for their arrogance the Gods cursed those rebellious ones and turned their creation against them, spawning… Continue reading ALIEN: FALL OF THE REBEL ANGELS

Shaw: Anatomical Angel

Advertisements “I wanted to play up the degree of ambiguity, contradiction and metaphor. Whether religious/blasphemous or playing on the notion of the “anatomical Venus” (reference of which came from Ridley, Chris Seagers and Victor Zolfo) and so on. David’s sociopathy in full flight and anachronistic feelings about Shaw.” – Matt Hatton. Jacques Fabien Gautier d’Agoty… Continue reading Shaw: Anatomical Angel

The Green Lantern and Shaw’s Grave

Advertisements Gomphocarpus physocarpus is a species of “Milkweed”, also known as the Swan plant. In the movie Alien: Covenant, David places it on Elizabeth Shaw’s grave as an offering. Further analysis of this scene has revealed some interesting facts that may hold symbolic meaning and shows us what became of her. The Swan The “Swan” plant serves… Continue reading The Green Lantern and Shaw’s Grave

Starlog: Interview with Dan O’Bannon (1979)

Advertisements “Fox did see a lot of similarity between Alien and Star Wars, and between Alien and The Omen. They picked it up in the first place because they figured they could tap two hot markets. A lot of people thought John Williams should write the score. The director, Ridley Scott, and I wanted a Japanese composer named Tomita. I understand… Continue reading Starlog: Interview with Dan O’Bannon (1979)

Deacon Mural

Advertisements In the David 8 Commercial, he responds to this Rorschach Test Card as Angel As you can see from overlaying the card with colours inverted over the headroom mural from Prometheus you can see the Facehuggers, Chestbursters, Ovomorph, Trilobite, Hammerpede, Deacon and Xenomorph Queen highlighted. What I found out is that this mural was… Continue reading Deacon Mural